Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I work in a very diverse business, more so than most. There are places in my business that do millions and then there are places that do hundreds. So as you can see there are large difference in each individual accounts. I have a number of salespeople who call on all of these accounts. I happened to be with one this afternoon who has more hundreds, a few thousands and no millions. We spent the day in places that were strange to me. This salesman was wonderful. I have committed to him and me to really work hard to get all of his stores at the very least to the thousands. What struck me was I had a perception that today was going to be horrible. What a shock. I had a blast. We helped one account move some equipment. Then we went to another, there we built several things a deck, an addition on a house, and hung crown molding. Not really but in talking. We arrived at our next stop only to find out someone who worked there had gone to an ATM machine and got 3 counterfeit twenty dollar bills, from an ATM!!! Want to know another shocker we sold our product in every single store. In quantities that were not normal for this sales person. As we went from place to place, there became one common comment. We will do whatever, my salesman, needed. These people really liked and appreciated the fact my salesman comes to see them. It was almost like they have a perception of unimportance and are so glad my company actually has a person come to them they would do anything to make the sales person look good in front of, what the salesman told them, was his boss. I do not consider myself a Boss, I am, and have always been a great team player.

Strange how we have all of these perceptions of different things, people, cities, and just about anything we know very little about. Thank God for days like today. They keep me grounded and hopefully a little more open minded than most. If you take off the blinders and go without fear with a great attitude you too can have wonderful days like I had today. Here is wishing you nothing but wonderful open minded days.

I think I will cap off a wonderful day with a wonderful glass of wine.

Here’s to you..

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