Saturday, September 10, 2011


What a word! One my lovely wife tells me anytime I use it “Never is a long time”. How true are those words. We all say things like ‘I’ll never do that again” mostly tied to a drinking affair in my case! Or “I’ll never be able to understand so in so” read my son here for me!! But the point is Never is a long time and use the words sparingly at best.

Well I can remember using it a long time ago in one regard that I had to eat those words so to speak this past week. Here are the details;

I have been a golfer most of my life my Dad taught me how to play when I was about eight and I have enjoyed the game my entire life. We as a younger man I swore I would “NEVER” play golf with a woman! It’s just a man thing. I can’t explain it but if you are a guy and play golf you get it. Well Never arrived last week. I played golf with a woman!! And trouble is I had a blast!!

My Memphis sister, her husband, my lovely wife, and I have planned a trip to The Villages, in Florida, for many months. So we go down and her husband and I have played golf together for years. We get ready to go play and she wants to go and watch. I think cool you know I love being around her I thought this would be a blast. Little did I know she had a trick up her sleeve. We get out of sight of the club house and she tells her husband she wants to hit one!!! I am mortified I can’t play golf with a woman it’s against the man rules. I quickly look around to make sure no other men are watching as she steps up on the tee. Now get the picture in your mind please. She has on a brown dress, heretofore known as her “little golfing dress” and Flip flops heretofore known as “her golfing shoes”. She takes a couple of waggles and BAM drills it right down the middle of the fairway!! I almost fell out of my cart. She screams and jump back in the cart and heads to her ball. Well as the day went one she found the women’s tees and then she was trouble. She got to one hole drove it down the fairway and hit the cart path and bounded down the concrete path until she was 60 yards past either of us. Well that’s when the “I out drove ya’ll” started and it simply when downhill from there! She made 2 or 3 pars and had a blast.

As we were packing up after one round I thought about how it had opened my eyes that women can be fun on the course. I got my wife a set of clubs years ago she has never picked them up. I promise you I am going to encourage her to because if I had this much fun with my sister, imagine the fun I will have with my wife?

So my dear wife you are correct never is a long time, but the good thing is sometimes when a never rolls around there is a wonderful lesson in it. Like you can have fun with your wife on the golf course. So my dear get your clubs we have a 1:16 tee time. Let's make sure we bring the wine for the cooler. Because one must always remember golf is a gentleman game, and now a lady’s as well!!!!



The Blessed Man