Friday, December 21, 2012

Jade Elizabeth Sledd

Well it seems like every post these days has to do with welcoming a new family member.  We now welcome Jade Elizabeth Sledd into this crazy world.  She is a beautiful young lady taking advantage of her parents best looking parts. Which if she is as smart as she is pretty she will do in all things in her life.  She has come into a heavenly family situation.  I am blessed to know both sets of grandparents in Jade’s situation, as well as her parents.

First the parents.  The mother an angel, beautiful, caring energetic and full of life.  She has a smile that lights up any room she entries. She will be a grand Mother.  Her father, handsome, fit hard working and loving to a fault.  I can remember when my Mother was a live Jades father would come into the room and rush over and give my mother a hug and tell her how glad it was to see her.  He had no idea what an impact he had on her.  She grew to love all of my Memphis family but Jades dad was special in my mother’s eyes and in mine for his kindness to my Mother.  

Her Grandparents; first on the Mothers side.  I have known them for many years as they run a very successful restaurant operation in our home town.  Both hard working and just plain fun people.  The Grandfather a man whom I don’t think I have ever seen without a broad smile on his face and a welcoming heart.  The Grandmother, like her daughter beautiful and strong.  You just know she has purpose and a cause. She has had a few health issues but has taken them on and come out on the other side still full of life and love.  When other I know have let the sickness rule them she has always ruled the illness.

The Fathers side Grandparents; this is my adopted sister and her husband.  Enough has been written here to fill a book about how I feel about these people.  A more unconditional loving family I have never been around.   And that is the part I point out, the family loves unconditionally not just one person in it.  This comes from the strong example set forth by the mother and father. 

Jade my dear what a blessing for you.  To be born into your situation is a dream for us all.  More people to love and support you than most get in a life time and you get it from day one.  As I told your cousin please pay attention to your family.  They will always be there for you.  When you are having troubles you have a group of Aunts and Uncles like none other.  They will cover your mistakes go to bat for you whenever you mess up and take blame when it is really maybe your fault.  What a group. You will be able to live your entire life working with a net.  You will fall, we all do, and you my angel will always land in the arms of a loving family member.  This alone is a blessing few get in life.

As we look at you in that tiny little blanket those gorgeous eyes looking so alert and engaging we can only pray you follow the examples set by those around you. 

So welcome to life my precious one.  And always remember if you ever need some advice outside your family or start to think they are out of touch.  There is an old grayed haired guy in the corner who loves you madly as well.  He, like you has been blessed to be a part of all of this and understands how special everyone here is.  Yep that would be the Old Blessed Man.

Live well my angel, knowing you are loved by all.


The Blessed Man