Monday, March 23, 2015


I have been told for many years that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  I have been very blessed to have all three and have been smart enough to recognize them as they entered and left my life.

I can remember the first reason friends.  I was fresh out of culinary school and took a job working for two gay guys.  They were fantastic!  They taught me so many life lessons.  They taught me how to treat team members.  They taught me everyone is important and has bad days.  They taught me how to be serious when you have to be but how to work and enjoy your days even if you are so busy you can’t catch your breath.  They taught me how to appreciate your partner.  They taught me how important a positive attitude is in your life.  They taught me how to forgive people who didn’t know you and hurt you or took advantage of you; and how it is important to forgive those people for your benefit and peace of mind.  Then in the blink of an eye they both were gone.  AIDS is a terrible thing and took two of my friends far too early in their lives.

I have had numerous season friends.  Being in the airline business for many years I got to know a lot of people.  I spent many happy seasons with a lot of folks.  Then I transitions into the cooking business met so many cool people you can’t believe.  The food business has to be one of the most unknown fun businesses yet.  Most people have no clue what goes on behind that kitchen door and how much fun is had back there.  Then it was the wine business.  The best business a person can ever be in.  I have met some many great people over a glass or bottle of wine they are way too numerous to mention. But truthfully, most were season people.  The funny thing about season people is that I believe, in your mind, they all start out as lifetime people. 

And the blessed man has had many Lifetime people.  I still am in contact with many people I when to high school with.  Now I’m not talking about a Hi on Facebook.  I mean knowing what is happening in their lives every week.  Talk to you on a daily basis friends. 

Here is my dilemma.  There are people in my life that have been here for well over twenty years. I consider them lifetime people.  But as we grow older and change environments things change.  Whenever I am with them my heart sings and I know without a doubt that they are lifetime people.  Then it might be weeks, or even a month before you see them again and I miss them.  However, they are moving in another direction.  I have decided to look at it like a parent.  There is always that day when you must let that son or daughter go.  They are still your child, but they aren’t there every night anymore.  Do you love them any less?  I think not.  As they say absences make the heart grow fonder. This I can promise is a life truth!  I guess I will simply look forward to the times we spend together.  Enjoy them, love them, and be there for them in every way.  And allow them to go and possible find them more friends.  Who knows they may even bring back a few people I can enjoy.  

Be it a reason, a season or a lifetime.


The Blessed Man

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Welcome Carrigan Michael Davidson Berryhill

I am very proud to announce the arrival of a very special baby boy Carrigan Michael Davidson Berryhill.  This is the newest addition to my adopted family.  This wonderful child has two of the best parents I know.  Both have been mentioned in the lowly blog numerous times.  The mother my adopted sisters only daughter, the father one of the finest young men I have ever had the pleasure to call my friend.

Many changes have occurred inside this fine family over the past year.  With the loss of a dear son, and the addition of this wonderful son.  Neither will ever know the other but somehow, in my heart, I know they met before young Carrigan came into this world.  I can almost see the meeting, Uncle Jordan sitting there little Carrigan on his lap learning every little thing that Uncle Jordan knew about driving his sister crazy.  Sharing the knowledge that Carrigan's Dad is one of the finest men he knew.  The inside scoop on his wonderful aunts and uncles, the exciting news of how smart and talented his cousins are.  Then the most precious information about how to make sure he got anything he wants from DeDe and Pop.  Yes, I truly believe this happened.  And I caution all to watch in the coming months as young Carrigan begins to share and use the knowledge that he was given by his Uncle. 

A word for Carrigan:

Young man you have been blessed.  Not only do you have one of the best families to watch over you, teach, guide, and share your life with and so it’s perfectly clear this is on both sides your Mom’s and your Dad’s.  You have a support team second to none.  You come into this world with 3 great cousins that will teach you how to have a blast.  Always remember cousins are your first best friends and will remain that way as long as you want it to be that way.

A word for the parents:

Please enjoy every moment with this gift from God.  Love and care for him for as we all know there are no guarantees in life.  God has given you this life to take up and bring up in his light.  Since I know you both this task is one that will be very simple.  Love this child as each of you were loved by your parents.  Remember when this young man goes astray how you were treated and emulate that treatment as it is quite clear it was the correct action.  The main thing to remember is, do not blink.  Because in that blink you will have a young man strong and handsome ready to take on the world thanks to your wonderful rearing. 

A word from the Blessed Man:

Carrigan, my young friend, live each day to the fullest.  Stretch your imagination.  Love true.  Be honest.  Care for others.  Be a good friend.  Be a good Son.  Make your family proud.  Better yet make yourself proud.  Get your Dad to teach you to fly! (I always wanted to learn how too)

Good Luck my young friend.  But I know you will never need that.  See you have more guardian angels than the Romans had foot soldiers.

I Love you young man.


The Blessed Man