Thursday, December 18, 2008


Why is it that your children have the ability to affect your emotions more than anyone else on earth? As I sit here writing this I truly believe I could do my son in! Now do not forget I haven’t seen him in months and he has been here two days. I am ready to do the world a favor if you get my drift! His mother a kind and gentle woman. His dad, me, not a bad guy I do not think. I have friends as you have read. I have feelings as you see here. I have charity for my fellow man. Where did this self centered, arrogant, full of $H!T person come from sitting on my couch? The sound of his voice sends me over the top. He feels like everything he does should be honored and treated as if he has just cured cancer. His treats everyone around him with such disrespect that it is a miracle he has not been beating within an inch of his life. He has this attitude that is truly beyond belief. Everything on the planet is here for him and the rest of us should line up and thank the heavens above we are allowed to share space with this gift to mankind!

Maybe I shouldn’t write when the emotions are so raw. The rereading the above it may sound a bit rough. However, I still think a fare assessment of him currently. I understand when you are Special Forces you should have a bit of an air about you. However, you should also have a bit of common sense as well. I feel like common sense is much more valuable in certain situations than other knowledge.

Back to the original questions; why can your kids hit your buttons quicker than anyone else? I have to guess it is because you have a expectation of them. You always want them to be better than you. You want them to have an easier way than you. You want to protect them from all of the things that hurt you or set you back years in getting where you wanted to go. But the good lord has installed some kind of firewall in them. It blocks anything that you tell them that makes any kind of sense. It sends it directly into the SPAM folder and they never get to hear what you have to say. What a shame.

I really miss my Dad right now. I would give 10 years off my life to be able to ask him some advice or get him to jog my memory of the times I did the exact same thing to him. Somehow you always forget the bad times in your memories. I promise you my Dad could, more than likely, tell me countless times I disappointed him or did the exact opposite thing he had told me to do. I swear I do not ever remember crossing my Father. Well there was once but that is another story completely!! He was so smart. I hope he knows I think so today. Will my son ever think I am? At this point I would be forced to say I think not; however I am sure my dad felt the same way.

Well this one might require scotch!! Anyway hugs your kids I think I am going to get up and go hug mine. Just real tight!!!!!

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