Saturday, May 27, 2017


What a great number.  If you make it then you finally get to draw Social Security!!  I mean you paid into it for years’ time for a “little pay back” as they said back in the day!   Since moving to The Villages I have been rather quite on this lowly space.  I have often wondered where my urge to share thoughts and comments had gone.  Then it came to me, I am happy and satisfied beyond my wildest dreams.  Not that all of the comment and posts were unhappy, or insincere it’s just my days are full of things that make me happy and fulfilled.  Talk about the Blessed Man I am truly living it now and had no clue of this life when this Blog was named.  Well last Thursday night I had one of those moving moments that prompted this post.

You see one of the people I love the most.  Well, really the person I love the most behind my wife had her 62nd  birthday.  That’s correct my adopted sister.  As we sat around that table with a few new friends I was thinking back on all of the times we have shared.  They have been wonderfully happy, and unimaginably sad.  Together, we have welcomed new life.  We have said goodbye too soon, to young life.  We have shared Wedding, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and traveled to some amazing places together.  She has held me up during dark times.  I have tried to always be there for her.   It was because of my wife, and her that I have done things I was absolutely not doing and as it turned out they were correct.  I would never tell them however, as I would never live that down. 

As we sat around that table I was so thankful that her and her husband moved down here to enjoy The Villages Lifestyle.  And just like in Memphis they have expanded our friend base to add a new group of wonderful people.  I have always said she is a collector of people.  And what a great collector she is.  I believe I am the bane of her collection but it’s too late to do anything about me now as after close to twenty years I’m not going anywhere!

As I reflected on our friendship I was reminded of her willingness to share all things family with us.  I have never felt like her friend I have always felt like her brother.  We fight, well not really she just doesn’t see things my way and I always forgive her for being so misguided.  We were always invited to the family nights.  I have eaten more meals with her children than I have with mine.  This is also a bane for her but that’s another post. 

I guess what I am really trying to say is she means the world to me.  We don’t get together as much as we used to but I treasure the times we do.  Strangely enough, we live further apart now than we did in Memphis!  However, we do make an effort to get together as often as possible and I relish each opportunity.

Well in the immortal words of Winnie the Pooh,

Friends are like the walls of houses
Sometimes they hold you up,
Sometimes you lean on them but
Sometimes it’s just enough to know
They’re just standing by!!

Well Happy 62nd my dear, may we celebrate many, many more together.  Thank You for including us for the last 20 something years.  What a ride it has been.  We are looking forward to adding to the collection and enjoying each other for another 20 years.  Love Ya’ my dear!

Well I had better finish here call my adopted sister and see what I can say to agitate her!!


The Blessed Man