Sunday, December 14, 2008


As I sit here we are getting ready to take Christmas to a family less fortunate than us. I am blessed to have many friends and most of them are successful in one way or another. Some have money others have blessing in other ways such as health happiness and the things that are truly important. As I sit here wondering what the next 3 hours holds, I am reminded of my blessing. I have a wife who loves me without question. I have a son; crazy as he is who loves me, and I think respects me. As posted before friends second to none.

So what is prosperity? Is it money? Is it Fame? Is it health, happiness? I think it has to be happiness. Here is my logic. As I think back to my younger and poorer days, I was, and have always been happy. When I was digging ditches back in the 70’s, I was happy. When I moved to an international company and traveled all over the world, I was happy. Now in my current job I am happy. Could it really be like my granny said “Life is what you make it?” When I would spend the summers in the country working on the farm I think I picked up the life lesson of happiness. We never had a T.V. or indoor plumbing, in the country, until the late 60’s. The A/C was open windows and a fan. I can still remember lying in the bed in the attic and hearing it rain on the tin roof. No sounds ever to this day calmed me like that one. Lying there listening to the rain you were so thankful. A couple of reason one you more than likely didn’t have to work in the fields the next day and it helped the crop. Never knew how go I had it until now. As I think back on those days of really no cares and worries you never know what you have until it’s gone.

So I guess prosperity is what you make it. For me, I think it is friends and being able and willing to help someone who might not have had a Christmas. Having in some small way maybe be able to make a memory and hopefully one day when these children are grown and prosperous they will help some who is down on their luck.

So I am off to be Santa. I can assure I will raise a glass when I return, in thanks for my Prosperity.

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