Saturday, November 16, 2013


We live our lives waiting on moments that take our breath.  For me the first time I heard my son say Daddy.  I had to great pleasure of watching my adopted sister when she heard Jax Ellis said DeDe.  The same for when her husband when it was Poppy, those moments when a single word can move you to tears.

wasn't there but for a dear friend of mine this week it must have been even sweeter than the above examples.  You see her daughter has been diagnosed with acute Leukemia.  It was a very sudden diagnoses and one that require very radical treatment.  The family banded together and she moved to be with her daughter to watch her daughter’s daughters!!! She kept us informed as we all start a pray train for this wonderful young woman that few of us had ever meet, but knew her sweet mother.  Well the good Lord found it in his plan to allow my friend to hear this last week that the treatments had been effective and her daughter was in, remission. Can you only imagine the emotion that when through her heart.  To see the daughter that you had wiped her nose and mouth changed those thousand diapers.  Cried over when she as late and didn’t call. The daughter see has seen marry, and have her grandchildren.  The daughter whom she had shared the hugs and kisses of a hundred reunions, was suddenly and thankfully in remission.  I am moved to tears even as I type this.  I can’t imagine living the experience my friend has lived the last few months.  What joy must they have both felt.  Her daughter a strong willed young woman as is her mother, has been confident and sure of this since the beginning.  I could not be happier for all of them.  As I understand it is not over, but the remission makes the maintenance of the disease easier to treat and monitor.

As I write this I can only imagine the raw emotion of that moment.  It has to be the best moment they have spent together.  I know if I heard those words about someone who meant the world to me it would.  May we never have to walk that road, and if we do may you and I have the strength and willpower of my friend and her wonderful daughter.

Call your kids right now and tell them you love them, there but for the will of God go I!


The Blessed Man