Thursday, September 15, 2016


Now if you are a wine enthusiast you instantly think David Ramey, right?  Well believe it or not you’re not far from correct.  You see Ramey was one of the most special dogs I have ever known named after the incredible David Ramey.  Or at the very least the fantastic wine he makes.  

One couple, from the Memphis family, quite by accident got a puppy.  I was really shocked when they introduced us to the new member of the family and was really shocked when they told me that Ramey was the dog’s name.  You see this couple was the number one buyer of Ramey wines in the state of Tennessee at the time.  Yes, I said family!!

A few years later I took some very important members of my Memphis family, including Ramey’s Mom and Dad, to Napa Valley.  One of the places we visited was Ramey’s winery.  He showed us around and entertained us in grand style.   And of course these people bought a ton of his wine to be shipped back home to them.  David was so kind he gave them each an signed, etched Three liter bottled.  My friends had a picture taken of Ramey sitting by the bottle sent it back to Ramey and the next time we were in the winery a few years later  the picture was framed and hung in the middle of his tasting room.  We were all shocked to see the picture in such a prominent place.

So now you know the name story,  let me tell you the real story of the power of Ramey.

When Ramey arrived into the house the man of the house was a powerful, hard nosed, take no prisoners businessman.  He was the guy everyone wanted on your side of the deal and no one wants to deal against.  He was, and still is, a man’s man.  He, most times, is the smartest guy in the room.  OCD to a fault, but also one of the truest friends you will ever have in the world.  So Ramey arrives and just like a sharping stone she slowly starts to work on the rough edges of my friend.  This animal reveals something I have always known about my friend.  Ramey shows the world my friend is really; the kind, gentle, loving, caring, generous, and compassionate guy we all know and love but few see. 

I remember one time we were visiting a friend of ours in the country.  Ramey always went with us and loved to swim in the lake.  One day we go to visit the friends father.  He has a dog that he says doesn’t get along with others.  We are making sure the two dogs are not near each other.  Well as fate would have it Ramey, being the friendliest dog on earth, got a little to close and the other dog jumped her.  My friend, in the blink of an eye leaped into the pile of dogs and took the aggressive dog down.  Now remember these two dogs were fighting, biting, scratching digging and barking like crazy.  He was ready to kill the aggressor as was everyone else.  We loaded up and came back home without anything losing it live but trust me more than one of us was ready to do the deed.  Nothing attacked Ramey and didn’t pay a price.  It was a classic example of the love this man has for this dog.  And it really was only the beginning. 

Ramey loved him so much she supported his OCD.  Walk at 5:30am. Then the hurry, hurry calls for her to do her morning constitution.   Followed by a cart ride around the square, Ramey reveling in her back seat throne taking everything in as she was driven around like a princess.  This happened every morning before Daddy went to play Pickleball.  Ramey never wavered always answering the call like the trooper she was.  She had much rather stay in bed as the evidence would show if Daddy ever left her in Mom’s care!!   

Mom, wow she was already a lover, and the main treat giver but Ramey brought a new level and an example of unconditional love that elevated everyone who she met to understand.  I think you can understand at this point this was a very special animal. Mom loved her so much.  Ramey cared for Mom when things weren’t going very well you could always count on her to walk in the room lay her head on Mom’s lap and you could see the stress and pain leaving her face for a brief moment while loving on Ramey.

Ramey also loved my wife.  My wife was about the only person outside her family that she wouldn’t bark at when we arrived at their home.  I can remember walking into their house and them saying “What Ramey didn’t even bark!” Ramey would walk over lift her face up and my wife would rub all over that dog’s nose.  Kiss her and love on her and she just stood there loving every second of it. The family told us no one else could touch her face but my wife.

Sadly Ramey has crossed the rainbow bridge.  But how blessed we all are it was very quick and hopefully painless for her.  She got sick one day and the next she was gone, only fitting for an animal that touched us all in such a special way.  Somehow I can see Ramey lifting up her face and Bobbie, my wife’s mom who also loved that dog, kissing that dog’s face and Ramey smiling.  I can see her going hurry hurry with Jordan who also loved that dog.  She is in a better place a place where all the chicken treats she wants are there all the time. And no more 5:30am!!!

I am going to miss that dog and I never thought I would say that in my life.

Love ya Ramey, kinda wish I had that picture hanging in my house now.  Wonder if David Ramey knows how special that picture really is???

If you have a pet go hug it and give it a treat they don’t stay forever. Think I’ll go get Rex and sit on in my chair for a while.


The Blessed Man