Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day 2015

This has to be the biggest conundrum day for me of the year, as I’ve stated several times before….  I am surrounded by some of the best Fathers I have ever seen.  Many of them documented in these humble pages in earlier posts.  Some of them brand new Fathers others Fathers of fully grown men who have their own sons and daughters today.  Then there’s me.  A lost soul in a land of great Dad’s.
I think back on my Father.  A real man; a man’s man. A loving husband dedicated to his wife and family to a fault.  We never wanted for anything we needed.  Of course the key word in that sentence is needed!  He provided a safe, loving home for me and my three sisters.  He made sure my Mother was a stay at home Mom when others were out in the work place she stayed with us and made sure we were being raised to his standards.  Him, always putting us first never himself.

Now as we have celebrated another day honoring our Fathers I am again as confused as a person can be.  As I sit here, not hearing from my son today, I am not hurt or saddened.  Now I am guessing that this makes those reading this either sad or confused.  However, if you have read anything in this blog you know this would be a normal thing.  I do not think my son has the capacity to love or care for another human being especially me.  I spend all of my time trying to get him to see the ways of the world and he spends all of his time telling me how stupid I, and the world are for being like we are. 

I wonder if one day, after I’m gone he will feel like I do today.  I am missing my Dad as I do every Father’s day.  Well really every day in some way I see him think of him wish I had him to help me.  But my fear is he would have killed my son years ago!!  He didn’t play the disrespect game he earned his from all he knew.  I guess me, not so much, at least from my son.

Well I am blessed to be alive.  I am blessed to have the greatest partner a man can have on earth.  I am blessed to have the greatest friends a human being can have. I am blessed to have an extended family of friends that has a group of great Fathers in it.  So in the end as I have always said I am a Blessed Man.

If your Dad is alive, call him, hug him, tell him you love him.  And most of all tell him what he means to you and how much he has impacted your life, if he has.  These are the things I was so blessed to be able to tell my Dad before he left this life. 

Words I guess I will never earn, but I promise the world I gave my all.


The Blessed Man