Friday, December 5, 2008


As I write this I am preparing for the first of many, mini Christmas party, dinners to be held at our house. Each group is made up of people I call special in my life. As I when over the upcoming dinners with the wife I realized how diverse the groups are. I am so blessed to have many friends. My father, god rest his soul, pointed this out to me one afternoon. I was bitching about something, not having anything to do, wishing someone would come by to occupy my time. He asked me what at the time what seemed like a very simple question. He said “If I asked you to pick up telephone and call my friends, how many could you call and tell them nothing other than I need you to come to my house as soon as you can get here.” How many calls would I make? I thought for a minute and said 4 or 5. He paused as if to try to let me understand my own answer. And then said something I could not believe. He said I might be able to call one person. I was shocked, to say the least. I had always thought of my Father as a well like guy. I had seen him at work and everyone seemed to like him. I began to do the only thing, at the time, I knew how to do with him argue my point. I told him I could think of at least two guys I thought would come. He laughed and said they were not friends they were people he worked with, not true friends.

Then it hit me he really didn’t socialize that much stayed kind of close to the house and always watched after us. He didn’t have anyone. We were his friends, maybe by choice but, we were his go to people. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I was blessed. I really and truly, more than likely, could have called 10 people!! If the question was asked of me today I think I could call even more.

One thing I tried hard to get across to my son was you have to be a friend to have a friend. I do not remember who taught me, maybe my Mother, to always be concerned about other people and they would be concerned for me, to give friendship and concern without expectation. Now this is not true all of the time. And yes sometimes in my life I have been used and taken advantage of, but it always seems to work out in my favor. I might pick up another important person because of the abusive person. My son to this day is not a trusting person and suffers from a lack of friends. We will not get into his issues not near enough time!!!!

So as you enter into this season ask yourself my father’s question. How many people would come to you with the only information give is “I need you, please come” hopefully many.

I am wishing you a friend and family filled holiday season. Mine will be, I promise.

To all of my friends thank you for your time.

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