Monday, February 10, 2014

Jordan Davidson Sledd

I have written here often about the additions to my Memphis Family.  The will be the first of a departure.  Jordan left us last week.  He was the youngest of the sons, and the next to the youngest in order in the family, of my adopted sister and her husband.  What a bright, good looking, fun loving, caring, and full of life young man. 

Of course my adopted sister and her husband were my focus when we returned to Memphis to try to be of some kind of comfort and support.  I have never been in a more difficult position.  I recalled trying to support my Mother after my Father’s death.  I didn't do a good job then either I am afraid.  What do you say?  What can you possibly do?  How do you try to express your feelings and support, while in the middle of total devastation about the circumstance.

But let’s talk about Jordi!  What a spirit.  No other way to describe him.  He was different from the others, as they each are but you always knew Jordi was special.  When he walked into a room get ready for a hug that came straight from his heart.  A sweet kiss on your cheek and a special I love you, good to see you, how are you or some other comment of concern and love.  He always looked you in the eye, a very special trait for a younger man.  The room always seemed to be a little brighter whenever Jordan was in it.  Of course there was always a little more anticipation as well for you never knew what was going to happen either which made for so many great moments there is no way to mention them all.

But the real story between Jordan and I few people know.  Because I didn't know it until this week! Jordan was always there for my son.  As you know if you have ever read one post here our relationship is special as well.  But not in a way one would hope for a Father and Son. My son was always in a dark and different world.  When I called him to pass along the news about Jordan there was a very long pause and then with a broken soft voice he said how sad he was and what a great guy Jordan really was.  Then he proceeded to tell me more than one story about how when he was living with me that Jordan on numerous occasions had been there to try to help him make sense out of my rants and raves.  How Jordan gave him his first beer.  How Jordan told him how to survive High School.  How Jordan was always there and never question who he was or what he was doing only accepted him for who he was and never judged him.  A trait I to this day can’t seem to acquire as he pointed that out to me on the phone that day as well.  He was so sadden by not being able to attend the celebration due to the fact he was iced in at his home.  As promised, I filled out a comment card and tried to express his sentiments knowing it was a feeble attempt at best to describe his feeling.  I have heard my son become emotional only one other time in his life when I truly believed he was upset.  That was when his great grandmother on his mom’s side passed away.  I was taken aback by his heartfelt sadness with the news of Jordan.  I didn't know he had a place in his heart like that I guess there still might be hope!

As I sit here and think about Jordan and how I was so bless to be able to interact with him and his family it is simply another example of why I call this lowly place what I do;  A place where a very blessed man is able to talk about the things in life that have changed his life.  Jordan Davidson Sledd was just such a thing.  He changed my life for the better for his allowing me to be a small part of his world.  I was blessed that in his passing has allowed me to see a side of my son I never knew was there.  And through his memory maybe my son and I can find some kind of common ground on which to start to build a better relationship.

Good Shot, Jordan!!!!!


The Blessed Man