Saturday, October 3, 2015

Neon Moon

As I was walking this morning this was the first song that played, Neon Moon, by Brooks and Dunn.

My Son when he was very small, maybe two years old, was a huge country music fan.  Mostly I am sure due to the fact his Mother was one in the same.  His favorite song was Neon Moon.  I have the most vivid memory of him in a Spiderman outfit holding his guitar and singing every word of this song at the top of his lungs.  It didn’t matter where he was or what was going on if the song came on you were about to be entertained.  He loved this song.  He would strum his guitar with such passion.  He would sing with such emotion.  Throwing his heads back I truly will never forget it. 

This morning as I started out I didn’t get very far when I was taken straight back to that little bitty living room in the same house I grew up in watching my Dad play his bass.  Remembering all the good times we had.  Then I was rushed forward to the times that were some of the toughest of my life a young son and a wife no money.  Trying to make the ends meet as best I could.  Then watching that little boy singing not knowing how tough it was, him just singing his heart out the joy in his voice seemed to take all of the worry away.  As I reflect now it seems he was what kind of got me through those times.  I have no idea what happened or when it happened that his role in my life or the way I look at him changed, but it did.  

It was so nice to walk today the wonderful breeze blowing as I walked, in my mind watching that little boy in that Spiderman outfit singing his heart out brought a tear of joy to my eyes I would be lying if I said anything different.  It’s funny how the most simply things, the smell of a pie, the sound of a song, can bring you to a time of your life that defined you.  We have made it out.  Him working and finally understanding that even if he is the smartest person on the planet he still needs people skills to survive.  Me living a dream, walking through paradise listening to the music of my life.  How Blessed am I?


The Blessed Man

The Music of My Life

With things going so well now that I have moved to “American’s Friendliest Home Town”.  And my young Son seeming to try to be on his own this space has been neglected a bit.  Well as I am aging I am realizing more and more the need to stay active.  Well I have taken up waking!  I have always loved Music.  I guess I get it honest from my Father.  He was a wonderful Bass payer and enjoyed a bit of Fame in Memphis for his talents in Memphis which is a Music town second to none. So I get it honest!

The following posts will relate songs to memories as I work my way through my IPod.  I hope you enjoy the music, each song will be tagged, and the stories. 

Well here we go the Music of the Blessed Man


The Blessed Man