Wednesday, July 1, 2015


What did you think when you read the title of this one?  I bet it had something to do with conversation.  Either the spoken word or a rebuttal of some sort; maybe words of wisdom as a friend of mine says all the time.  But I bet never you never thought of one of the sweetest most genuine people you have ever met, did you?  Well I did.

Her name is really Aunt Sarah to all.  Yes, she is everyone “Aunt Say”.  And buddy she was hell on wheels.  She lived every day of her life to the fullest.  May we all strive to be like Say.  She laughed, said what she though, did what she wanted, and really didn’t care.  I loved her.  I can remember she was a vicious Spade player; she always wanted to play quick.  We have a friend who used to play with her often.  She nicked named her “Christmas” because she said she took so long to play her turn.  That was Say.

She was always dressed to the nines as well. Most times with the most beautiful hat.  She helped raise my adopted sister’s husband, so I got to be close to her on a lot of occasions.  She lived by herself and took care of herself.  She was a great role model for any young person.

My favorite Say story ever:

One night we were headed out to dinner with my adopted sister and her husband.  Say calls and says he needs to come by her house before we go eat she was in terrible need of his expertise.  Well we get in the car and he announces he has to go to Says before we eat.  You see Say had a little trouble sleeping and sometimes she had to use, let’s just say a medical herb to help her fall asleep.  Well this medical herb was in the form of something like tobacco, kinda.  Well it seems my adopted sister’s husband used to; well roll his own cigarettes so to speak.  And Say was in dire need of his talents to help her get this medical herb into cigarette form so to speak.  Well I don’t think I have ever laughed as hard sitting there in the parking lot of her condo watching him roll up Aunt Say medicine.  You see her medicine wasn’t the purest medicine that was available.  There was a lot of junk in it and he was complaining about the quality and how that affected the way it was rolled.  We were all just howling laughing.  Say, right there with us just screaming laughing as well.  Well needless to say the medicine finally got into the correct form and Say left us sitting there with tears running down our faces from the laughter.  I can’t remember where we ate that night, the wine we had, or anything else.  But I remember how much fun we had with Say.  I was blessed to know her.

I am hoping you have an Aunt Say in your life.  If you do, call her tell her you love her.  Tell her how much joy she brings to your life.  If you have had one, like me, then enjoy the memories and think of her often.

Well I guess all that is left to do is send up a small pray to the good lord, I need to tell him something he already knows, Aunt Say is there now and the party can really start. 


The Blessed Man