Thursday, December 3, 2009


When you get over 50 I think change becomes the hardest thing you can try to accomplish. As I said in my last post my company has been sold now for 2 years and the change is hard for me. The company is a good company, they treat me fine and payday always comes on time. Nothing has changed as far as the people on my team or the upper management that leads. But the absences of my mentor and friend who owned it for the first 12 years I have worked here leaves a large whole in the feeling of the business. The new company has a wide reaching operation. They work in 3 states with numerous operations within those states. I feel quite certain the new owner could walk into my office and not be able to call my name, would be clueless to my wife’s and son’s name, as well. Now the $64,000 question, is that important? He, the owner, has provided me with the exact same things my previous owner did, security, a good job and benefits.

So where is the change you ask. Well I think it is more personal. And as we age I think we recognize the importance of personal. The previous owner and I played golf, ate dinner and grieved when his best friend, his golden, died. I don’t even know if my current owner has a dog. I hope to retire from this company after many more years working for them. However, I will always miss by friend who gave me a chance at the greatest job in the world.

So I guess this blessed man needs to read his own posts and understand he has been blessed to be sold to a larger company that has the ability to survive during the harder times since the operations is spread out across a large cross section of our great country. And when the recovery comes we will be in the middle of it ready to grow this already large company.

So I guess change is good for us no matter at what age. So this blessed man is going to do all he can to make sure that when the new owner comes to Memphis he wants to meet the guy that has done such a good job for his new acquisition. It’s like my Dad always told me your attitude is the only thing you choose each day. From now on mine will be one of gratitude for the chance to grow and prosper in my new company.

Thanks Dad, miss you everyday..

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