Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I played football when I was younger and thought I understood pressure when we faced a third down play. As I got older then I thought I understood it again when my son was born and he would cry because he was hungry and the pressure of making sure there was something for him to eat. Today I again, thought I understood it as sale quotas and goals pile up near the end of the year.

I now understand it better than ever. My wonder wife is under tremendous pressure as her 92-year-old Mother has moved in with us, after the death of her Father in May. She has to balance so many things. Her Mothers safety, eating, cleanliness and general care; She also is trying to work during all of this as well. She does a wonderful job of keeping all of us taken care of, except her. She gives tirelessly of her time and talents so that the two people living here are taken care of as far as anything either of us ever need.

I pile it on her; I am coming to know, as I am always inviting friends over for dinner. I cook but she has the much larger job. Cleaning the mess as well as making sure her Mother is able to eat, then gets her up to bed and makes sure everything is taken care of perfectly for her. Then returns down stairs to try to get the kitchen in order for the next day. I can always tell when it is getting to her as she gets a little pissed at me when I do things I shouldn’t be doing. My wife takes care of EVERYTHING in my house. The bills, cleaning, clothes washing, drying and ironing! The entire time I am walking around totally oblivious to her situation. So sometimes she has to slap me back into reality! Today was such a day.

So pressure is not a third down play, putting food on the table or selling some commodity. Its having the women who birthed you living with you and placing your entire focus on her and trying to make a self centered husband happy as well.

I will try to do better for sure she deserves the very best just like she gives every person that crosses her path. A lesson this blessed man needs to learn and learn quickly!!

Maybe we take her and Mom to dinner with a special bottle of wine and an unspoken promise to try to put my self-centeredness behind me while Mom is here and try to lend a helping hand around this place.

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