Saturday, December 12, 2009


We all have made those life-changing decisions when we were younger. They always seemed to work out. Rarely did we feel like we were making the decision of our life. How blessed are we that most of these choices, we make when younger, we are always able to recover even from even the worst ones. We never imagine facing one, as I am later in life. I’m at a crossroads. I am in the process of making choices that will drastically affect the rest of not only my life, but also a lot of people who I love and depend on me. When your young it is very easy to listen to your gut and just go for it. When you reach a place in life where things are really pretty good and all seemed comfortable then to have to make a choice that could change that well it is daunting to say the least. I can take the easy way out and stay status quo and maybe everything will stay its course for a while but nothing is guaranteed. Take the new challenge and totally get out of my comfort zone. Doing this will open up a huge opportunity for me that could pay huge dividends in the end but again no guarantees! This is the kind of stuff that keeps you up at night. As we age I think we have a built in safety net in our decisions making that makes us very carefully review our choices and take everything into consideration before making choices like this. One hand likes the gamble side, that would be the younger man inside this old one wanting to conquer one more time something that some people tell me that I can’t do. Then there is the older side that looks at our lifestyle and says why would you put everything on the line again? Interesting is my wonderful family is supportive of whatever I chose. So this means whatever I do the results of my decision are squarely my responsibility! So here we are again at the beginning; what to do. Some how I thought I would feel better or maybe see the light by writing about this, but not so much!!

I guess that at this age of my life I should feel blessed that I might have a choice to make a change. I am sure there are thousands of people out there who would kill to have a chance to change things. So in the end, as always, I am blessed. As long as that never changes I guess I will always make the right choices. Well I’m off to church and a special dinner with special friends. Bet there will even be special wine drank how blessed can one man be??

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