Monday, December 21, 2009


I recently found out that a dear friend’s child just got accepted to Norte Dame, quiet an accomplishment! I found this out at brunch with my angel of a wife. I asked her;” Would you like a redo?” she said what do you mean? I said like our friend child going to college and a damn good one at that! Would you like to go back and redo your life? She thought for a minute, and said she wished she had finished college and some other stuff. Then she added the most important piece, if I could end up right here, maybe I would take the redo.

I got to thinking what would I do over, and at what expense? I have lived a full and wonderful life. Have more friends than anyone I know, a loving wife and family a great job. What’s the point of a redo. If had gone to UT like I planned until that knee injuring. What would have happened and whom would I have missed. Would the road have been easier? I’m not sure. What about my son, would I have met his Mother and shared those 19years? Would I have gone to Culinary school and worked at all of those cool restaurants. Would I be doing what I am today, which is way cool. Like my granny always said the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. However, if you have ever jumped the fence you find sometimes it might be greener but it could be to bitter to even eat!! As I look back at my life I have few regrets. Maybe, I would have liked to go work on the Alaskan pipeline with my granddad but that would have altered everything. So I guess once again I recognized, I am truly blessed. I have avoided any major illnesses and haven’t gotten into to much trouble in my life. I think we all wish we were better parents and spouses during certain parts of our lives, but would we change where we are today. If your answer is yes, then I also most feel sorry for you. I think when the time comes to stand in front of my maker. I truly believe he will say at least you didn’t leave anything on the table. Will he have some things to be concerned over, absolutely? Will there be something he is proud of me for, no doubt? When it’s all said and done I owe my Mother for teaching, and allowing me to be all I could be and to live by the Golden Rule. I always try to treat others as I wish I could be treated, great advice even at this late stage of the game.
Well as I close, I am now assured; I do not want a redo. I don’t think I could ever get this far, on this little, ever again. The choices I have made to this point have not all been correct, but the lessons out weight the free ride, immeasurability. I know what’s is like to mess up, and how to recover. Something I am scare my son has no clue how to do. Only time will answer that question.

One fact still remains, as always, this is one Very Blessed Man. I hear something red and wet calling my name. I think the toast tonight will be to times passed, and how important they are to today.


A Very Blessed Man

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