Saturday, January 9, 2010


I was at the doctor’s office yesterday, a place I have been visiting way too much lately. The young lady called my name, and the names of two others. We all limped up to her and then in this angelic voice she said “This away ya’ll” . She repeated it about three times as we wound our way back through the clinic to the very back of the place. A place unfamiliar to me, or the others in our tiny limping band of humanity. However, the calming “This away ya’ll come-on this away” seemed to make it all OK. My counter parts on this journey were 2 elderly people who seemed very calmed by the wonderful young lady and her genuineness if there is such a word.

I got to thinking as I sat waiting the wonderful experience of getting a shot in your knee joint, what a special trait to have, to be genuine. It started me thinking of the genuine people that are in my life. If you sit back and assess your friends and co-workers who is genuine among them? For me there are a few. One that comes to mind is a friend of mine who has had a rough row to hoe, as my granny used to say, lately. She has had numerous trials and tribulations but she has always remained solid as a rock being genuine to herself and all of us around her. Under circumstances I would have buckled under numerous times she stood strong, and I mean Strong. She held not only a family together, but also a child suffering from things I can only imagine. Want to know how genuine you are let your kids start suffering it will reveal who you really are quicker than anything I can imagine. I know, as you have read, in this blog I have suffered with kid issues. It is very hard to stay true to you, and she did it with her head held high and looking the adversity in the eye. I was proud to see her, and call her my Memphis Family, as she reacted and dealt with this very hard test of her character and will. She passed with flying colors.

I think of a guy I when to high school with, he has been a part of my life for over 50 years. He is one of the most gifted people I know. He has never been married and hasn’t really dated seriously maybe 3 times in his life. Yet, he is one of the most genuine guys I know. True to himself and his beliefs, a man of character and values. I lived with this guy during what will forever be known as “the wild years”. We were the exact opposites. Me running like a roman soldier, him, staying at home working hard and doing the right thing. I can remember him telling me after I moved out he missed me because he had the start going out and getting the paper again. You see, I had been bringing it in as I was coming home! He never tried one time to change me or give me any advice. I am quite sure he had some and if I had any sense I should have asked him! Today, he is retired and working with his nephew me working 50 – 60 hours a week still!

I would love to include my father here but the stories are to numerous and the lesson he taught me to complex for this simple script. Let it be known, my Father was the most genuine loving man I have ever known. He taught me that all you have is your world is your word. If you do not honor it, then you have nothing. He was so special, as I look back on my life. Funny how when you are living it, it all seems like so much trouble and the unanswered questions, “Why did you do that?” or the “That makes no sense to me” and “Why are you so mad” And my all time favorite, because of the response “That’s not fare” My Dad would always say “the fair is down on Parkway in September”!! Those times have now added up to the most important lessons in my life.

I would like to think that, if asked, my friends would think of me as Genuine. If they do, all I can say is, Thanks Dad!!!

Well I guess I had better go check my short ribs. Having Church friends over tonight saying thank you for what they all do for the church, great people doing great things unnoticed. Wow that might even be called genuine…
Here’s hoping your friends would think of your name first if the genuine question ever comes up.
Peace,The ever changing blessed Man

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