Friday, January 1, 2010


Wow has it been ten years since Y2K? What were you doing the day that everything eas going to crash? I remember we rented a house called Tannenbaum on Greer’s Ferry Lake in Arkansas. There were six of us and we cooked a meal to remember and all watched as the world changed into the year 2000. I remember thinking as I watched the Eiffel Tower explode with fireworks what a special night this was to be alive. We cooked a meal for the ages as well Steak Lobster and everything decadent you can image and the wines were off the chart as well. What a night and the Y2K deal, a flop, kind of funny when you look back on what everyone thought might happen.

Now more importantly what did you do over the last ten years? Me, a lot, I finally talked the woman of my dreams into marrying me. I expanded my career to new heights I didn’t know were possible. I have developed a much closer relationship with my son, much closer than we have ever been. I think I am a better friend now. I have returned to going to church and have found a whole new group of people I have grown to love and depend on. I have definitely gotten older. The knees hurt, the back hurts and I like to sit around a lot now. I have really never been a sit around guy. Now it is nice to light a fire, when it’s cold outside, or sit by the pool with a book, when it’s hot. I used to love to play golf when it was hot now, not so much. I still love golf just when the temp is below say 90.

As I look back over the last ten years I can count more blessing than anything else. It is humbling to see what has been given to me. The people who keep my work, my family, my life and basically me going are a constant source of blessing and fulfillment. I don’t want to sound strange but my entire life has been blessed for more than 10 years.

So as we entire another Decade may your life be like mine, if that is what you want, happiness and joy. And hopefully to good lord will give me the grace to pass along as many of the blessing he sends me as I possible can.

Have a blessed 2010 I kind of know mine is going to be hopefully yours will be too.
Black-eyed peas and turnip greens for me, I wonder what goes better with Turnip Green, Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc??? Let’s just open one of each after all we are blessed!!!!

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