Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Had to do a little research for today’s word. Still not sure I got it correct. You can be the judge after the fact.

My wife has run a female wine group for many years. The group meets every month and is very loosely pattern off a men’s group I’m in that has been meeting for well over 20 years. Her group is very focused and they are more than likely the most educated women in the city about wine. Now that being said here is the story.

The group was scheduled to go over to one of the member’s houses this month. I was cooking for the group and another person was presenting the wines. Sounds pretty normal until I add this information. The husband of the hostess for last nights tasting; his Father died yesterday. My wife offered to host the event immediately and move everything to our house. But instead they said no lets keep it here and asked her not to tell anyone about the husbands lost. Well we are very close and due to circumstances that do not belong here she told me and swore me to secrecy. We arrived and he was there as the greeter. Making sure all the coats were properly put away and all of the ladies knew exactly where to go for the aperitif champagne. The husband is always helping and trying to make sure that his wife’s events are perfect. He always has the room set just so, and is constantly making sure everyone is entertained and comfortable. Last night, as the meeting started, he, my assistant, and I ended up in the kitchen for a period of time while the presenter ran down the wine line up and other things that they do in their meetings. As I sat there thinking about the state of mind this guy had to be in, he didn’t know I knew about his father as it was to be kept from everyone. He was engaging and pleasant. Sitting there drinking a glass of wine and making small talk with me and my assistant. What a trooper, and giver to forge ahead on a day he lost his father! I remember back the night my Father died I am not to sure I would have been good company for anyone, especially a women’s wine group and all that comes with entertaining them. He went the entire night head held high clear eyed and focused on the women and the event. I hear those of you who might offer the distraction theory; he needed the event to take his mind off his sorrow. I get that but all I have is my on experience to call on and I am not sure I would have wanted the distraction. And there in lies the word, Benevolent. Webster’s definition is 1 a : marked by or disposed to doing good 2 b : organized for the purpose of doing good 2 : marked by or suggestive of goodwill . Seems to fit for me.

Strange thing about this entire story is this is a side of this person I have never encountered, until last night. I think that is why I was so shocked. I guess people react differently to things. I have heard my wife say a million times “Don’t expect me to hold it together if I lose one of my parents” she lost her Father this pasted summer and held it together amazingly well. Seems like when the chips are down and your backs against the wall most of us come to the plate. I was glad to see this side of this guy.

Seems like I always end up on the blessing side of things, even when I am not looking for it. I was very blessed to see this guy give it all up for his wife and my wife’s wine group and never asked to be felt sorry for or anything else. I hope that one day they all find out what happened so they can, like me, appreciate what this guy did not only for his wife, but also for the group as a whole.

Well I hope he and his father were on good terms. Now that I think about it they had to be no one could have made that happen if they were ridden with guilty and remorse.

Once again I was given an opportunity to see humanity at its best. I hope that everyday you look to find the simply things that make us all blessed people.

Well I think I will go cook dinner for the wife and her Mother and make sure they know how grateful I am to have them both in my life. Pinot and Pork chops sounds like just the ticket.

The Blessed Man

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