Monday, February 22, 2010


I had an experience last night that was as rare as a sasquatch sighting! The wife and I went to one of the many wines events we are privileged to go to on occasion and when we returned the Mother-in-Law needed to be fed. So my wife feverishly works to gather something on the plate after consuming 25 wines from the Rhone Valley. The Mother –in-Law comes down and sits at the table. We always try to gather around the table as a family so the wife and I sat with her. I was doing something on the computer and the wife making conversation. As I do, rarely, I felt the almost uncontrollable urge to make, shall we say, a man noise. I looked over an noticed the mother-in-law didn’t have her, "ears", in so I let her rip. Well the wife sat there in total disbelief! I never took my eyes off the screen. The Mother in law must have felt the movement in the force and ask the wife what was that? The wife tells her I “pooted”. Well the mother in law starts to laugh. She suddenly was out of control. She had her head thrown back eyes closed and laughing almost out of control. Well if you have ever been in a room where some one starts laughing like that it is more contagious than swine flu. Before you know it we are all sitting here laughing uncontrollably. I was the first to gather myself then the wife. Finally the mother in law gets it back together. She starts to eat again and damn if she didn’t almost choke because she started laughing uncontrollably again. The wife asks her what up and she says the coolest thing I have ever heard. She says” I can’t remember what was so funny I just know it was funny” well I fall in the floor laughing and here we go again. We sat at that table, 3 grown adults laughing like 3 year old kids for what seemed like 20 minutes. One would stop, then another would start and it was one of the most joyous things I can remember happening around that table. When it was finally over and the wife and I got into bed she said it was so good to see her mom laugh like that. I think about how many of us suppress the urge to laugh like that. You know that laugh that makes you snort, or makes that crazy sound when you breath in or the one that makes you ribs hurt. I have been blessed I laugh like that a lot. May we never lose the ability to laugh. I think I read somewhere the other day where laughing is good for you. Maybe that will explain my good health. I live by the rule we should laugh loudly at least one time a day.

As I sit here writing this I guess my wish for us all is when we are 92 years old we all have the ability to laugh that hard, especially if we do not know what we are laughing about. How cool is it to laugh simply for the pleasure of how it makes you feel on the inside. I hope I get to share many more laugh-a-thons with my family.

Once again proving how blessed we really all are, we have been given the ability to laugh. Not only at each other but at ourselves, more importantly.

Well I’m off to work and you can bet I will be looking for my laugh out loud opportunity today for sure.

The Blessed Man

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