Friday, February 19, 2010


As has been mentioned here I have recently returned from Vacation. This was not your average vacation but more of a journey for sure. I have written about the start now I will write about the experience.

We stayed in a style to which I could become accustomed too quickly. We were about 3,000 feet above Acapulco bay and looked directly out over this vista that every morning almost took your breath. There are views in your life that sear themselves into your memories. This was such a view. The first time I saw it was coming down the steps and into the open-air area of the patio it was stunning. The sun shining and the bay below were simply beautiful. Then at dawn the next morning is the sight I will never forget. The sun rising over the softly rolling hills, the first light of day cascading over them and onto the far points of the bay below. The colors of orange and yellow remind you of a Vermont forest as the seasons are changing. The flicker lights looking like fireflies dancing across the bay running up the hill, as to say, the sunlight would steal their life, like the sun destroys a vampire. Watching this scene play out morning after morning gives you a sense that there truly is a power larger than us and that that power wants us to understand it knows beauty.

Now that is the place I’m in, here is the circumstance. I am with my Memphis Family. There are 4 couples as diverse a group as I guess you could arrange. Not quiet like Gillian’s island, but close. What sets us apart is the unconditional love we have for each other. Think about your situation is there four couples of your friends you could go and spend a week with in a 5 bedroom house that you know going in your are not leaving for a solid week? We played games, watched TV, read and listened to books. Gathered at every meal and simply had a blast. It is so comforting to be in the arms of people that love you. I was allowed to do whatever I wanted, and was not judged if in the middle of the day I wanted to go into the room and take a 3-hour nap. I have friends I will call the “Vacation Nazi” every minute of every day is set for an activity and we are sticking to this schedule and we will have fun DAMN IT!! Not my style.

As the week progressed you could see the stress leaving all of us. A sense of calm came over the house like the morning fog as it rushes up the San Francisco bay. Bathing everything in a calming cloud of peace. We became closer we started sitting around talking about our feelings and how we enjoyed being at this place. When it finally came time to go I think we were all ready to return to the hectic lives we lead comfortable in the knowledge that we had each other to fall back on in times of need. We also had the memories of this wonderful place, and they were a simply thought away. I have been back now for almost 3 weeks and there hasn’t been a day I have not closed my eyes and pictured that early morning scene standing there watching dawn take control of another day giving hope and promise.

I have been blessed in my life, to travel many places. I will go back to this place every year the good lord gives me the resources, and the health to return. What makes this place special; it’s not only its place, but my people, my family, my peace and comfort. Making it the most special place I have ever been.

So as I close, imagining the feeling of the breeze blowing and the sun warming my face. My wish for you is to spend a week like I have. To understand that it takes more than you to make you. To understand how important family and friends are in ones life. To learn to trust and love unconditionally and the amazing benefits that come from that bold life style.

I think I will go sit in my chair and go back to Acapulco one more time before I start to work. I can almost taste the fresh Guacamole now.

The Blessed Man

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