Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Epilog

Well we all made it thought another feeding frenzy. I think this year was the worst of all for me. We visited one place then when to our main destination and ate both places!! WOW

Talked to my son, my sister, they represent all of the family I have anymore, as far as blood goes. You know I really missed my Mom as I was putting that succotash on my plate tonight. Stopped and told her I loved her, and missed her madly. I think she might have heard me over all of the noise at her table. You know the cool thing is no one ever really dies until they are not remembered. I decided tonight I am going to remember all of my family ever day for a minute so they never really die.

Hope you remember those that have gone before us, and especially the ones who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms with their lives. We really need to remember those men and women.

Now remember your family and love your friends. I’m going to bed to much wine and food.
Hope yours was as nice as mine.


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