Sunday, November 23, 2008


Life can be many things, cruel, kind, sad and any number of emotions we allow into our lives. I know this is a bit philosophical for this lowly blog. However, my life has been through so many changes during the last few months I feel the need to just simply talk about them.

My Mother recently died. I am parentless for the first time in my life. I never thought much about how much you depend on your parents, even as we age. I have a great job, a wonderful wife, a nice home, but I still called my Mother every Sunday. We would talk, and share stories of the week. I never understood how important that was to me. I always thought I was doing it for her. HA! I got as much, if not more, out of those conversations than she ever did. As I think back on them now, wishing I could have just one more. I hope anyone reading this, who still has parents or a parent will pick up the phone and call them right now, it is that important.

My son is in the US Air Force, Special Operations. WOW, I remember him running around talking back, and doing the things kids do. Making grades I thought were well below his abilities. Making messes I thought were well beyond anything’s capabilities; and in general making my life as difficult as he could. As I think about it now as he is waiting for a base assignment, and the Middle East is a very good possibility. I kind of wish he was here to make me miserable!!

I have started going to church! Anyone who knows me knows this is a very large step forward for me. Funny how when I was a kid, I would eat a rat to stay home. Now I am getting up at 6:00 on Sunday morning, at church by 8:00am. Truly a huge change for me. And the fact that I enjoy it is a bit odd to me as well. I go to Hope. You should check it out one Sunday.

I guess as we age there are a lot of changes in our lives. We move a little slower, think a little longer before we speak; A trait I wished I had learned many years ago for sure. I guess all this is to tell myself I am entering a new, and exciting stage of my life. Now, I am the one the child calls on Sunday. I am going to try to remember, that one day, he will be in my position and if he wants to tell me some crazy story about going to the club last night and what happened I will be a little more willing to listen in my new role. I hope this stage lasts a long time. I am going to enjoy this part. I have done the 65-70 hour weeks and the burning the candle at both ends. I think it is time to pull it back to a solid 45, maybe 50 in rough weeks. Cook for friends, drink all of that wine I have been saving for a special occasion.

As I reread this it almost seems like I am retiring which I am not! I am just going to take off the blinders the finish line will come. I do not have to win. The simple fact I am still in the game, at a high level, is very satisfying.

May all of your days be good ones, and if not may the bad ones pass quickly.

Go enjoy a great glass of wine, I know I am.....

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