Saturday, June 25, 2016

Father's Day 2016

Well it’s me again on Father’s Day, by far my hardest day of the year.  Most people have that day.  The one you dread.  Maybe it’s the day you lost someone special.  Maybe it’s the day you met your soul mate for life.  Maybe it’s the day your child was born.  But we all have that day.  Mine is Father’s Day. 

A day set aside for most of the Father’s and children to celebrate this wonderful relationship of love and caring shared by most Father, Child relationships.  Well, then there is me and my son.  However, I must say here at the outset he seems to be doing much better and what makes most men do better?  You guessed it, a wonderful woman. 

He has met what my wife and I believe to be a game changer for him.  She is a strong and caring woman and must be a tad crazy to be in love with my son.  He worships the ground she walks on.  It is so funny to see a young man who nothing was more important than himself actually caring about another human being more that he cares for himself.  Does this mean there might be hope for the young man?  As I have written here many times, I sure hope so.  I so desperately want him to find his way.  No matter our pasted, everyone deserves to be happy, even my son.  All the hurt, the fighting, name calling, shouting, turmoil, even he deserves to be happy.  So I guess this Father’s Day I am happy.  For the first time in his life I really believe my son is standing on the edge of happiness.  I just hope and pray he falls off and into the abyss known as happiness and joy.


The Blessed Man

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