Wednesday, March 16, 2016


A very simple word.  We think about the earth rotating around the Sun.  Then the moon rotates around the earth.  In fact our entire solar system rotates around the Sun.  Now I know that is not a news flash but if you bear with me my hope is buy the end it will all make sense.

There are many things in life that rotate.  In a small way the seasons rotate unless of course you live somewhere, like me where you are blessed to have maybe two seasons.  Neither of which is COLD! I understand some like it, but not me. We hope they rotate the stock in our local grocery store.  We rotate clothes from season to season.  We rotate our tires. We rotate the screw top on a bottle of wine.  I think you get the gist.  The events of a recent dinner made me realize that friends and family sometimes rotate.

As I have written here I have so many special friends that I consider family.  Well sometimes even these people as close as they are rotate in and out of your life.  Now I understand that it may be a little conceded to think I am the Sun in this example.  Thinking before I started to write this do we all consider ourselves the Sun in our relationships?  Do you believe it is important for our ego’s to be the center of attention to be the supporter rather than the supported?  I have tried very hard in my life to always make the other person the more important one.  It seems to have worked well to date.   

But in the real world people go through changes every day from kids/family, health, and finances just name what could be the top three.   I am sure we all have had people rotate in and out of our lives.  How hard is it for you to let them rotate back into your life?  Is it hard because your feelings were hurt when they rotated out?  Did you think they needed you as much as you needed them or that you brought joy into their lives as they did yours and suddenly they rotate away and the joy you brought isn’t missed?  Yet you miss the joy they gave you.

I have decided it takes a very special mind set to be able to be the Sun.  You must be willing to let you little planets rotate around to the dark side or wherever they go.  Then the hard part; you have to be willing to put aside your feelings of abandonment and hurt and be the warmth and security you have always been when they are in your orbit.  When you honestly look at this it is hard to be the Sun.

The Sun can’t have thin skin.  The Sun can’t be petty.  The Sun has to be supportive, caring and especially genuine.  Sometimes I don’t think I can be the Sun. But then we go back to our inert desire to be the Sun in all of our relationships. Does this means that the people whom I thought rotated out of my life didn’t really do that at all; maybe it was different maybe I rotated out of theirs?  Confused yet? 

Well, let me tell you my dear reader I have never been more confused.  Here are people I love more than life jumping in and out of my life like a Double Dutch jump roper.  I guess I miss the way it was long ago when I knew where everybody stood.  I felt like we enjoyed being together.  We all needed the other for strength in all matters.  Well the box is open and all of the normal things have escaped.   We rarely gather together any more.  And when we do there are moments of olden days then there are the awkward moments when none of us are used to being back in the orbit.  But it never seems to dampen the good time.  It is just different.  Like they say the more the change the more they change. Or was that Yogi Beira??

One thing for sure this Sun is going to try his best to always offer the warmth, security, comfort and love whenever given the chance with one of my planets.  I am just hoping if they are the Sun they do the same for me. I love and treasure my little solar system no matter what, even if all the planets aren’t exactly round all of the time. They are still my heart.  Which I guess if you get right down to it is all of our Sun’s.

Here comes the Sun!!!  Is that Richie Havens I hear!!!!!


The Blessed Man   

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