Friday, May 1, 2015

Budfest 2015

This past week I have had the great pleasure of watching something so special that it is rarer than a unicorn sighting.  My angel wife has had 4 of Elementary school buddies at the house for what they has called “Budfest 2015”. 

They have laughed, cried and supported each other for over 50 years.  And it all happened again this week.  They gather around a table sit and talk about things my ears do not want to hear.  All of the things that at even this stage of their lives scare them make them happy and bring comfort and joy to their hearts.  They talk all at the same time and never miss a word the other says.  A trait that I am sure women alone are blessed with.

A diverse group for sure, one still working, 3 retired.  All having different things they bring to the group making each a very special part that without them the group would not be as strong.  Unconditional love is the key ingredient I am thinking as I watch the group, each taking the time to allow the others to have the group attention during their specific time of need.  It is a blessing to be this close to a group that means so much to each other.

As they prepare for their departure they seem a little closer if that’s possible for the time spent together.  Each holding onto the other just a bit longer to insure they know how much they mean to each other even though time and distance separate them from this scene being played out on a much more regular basis.  Some tears, some laughs, all love.  A more moving exercise I haven’t seen in a while.

As the glow is dimmed from my wife’s face I see a look of pure joy come over her as she understands that these are her peeps.  These are the go to people we all need in our lives to keep our heads above the waters; the people in your darkest times that simply show up and lift you up whenever you do not have the strength to go yourself.  These girls are the poster girls for the US Navy Seals Motto “No Man Left Behind” and of course in their case it’s no woman.  They help each other cook, clean, and just in general making sure each one is included in the good times.  It brings me great happiness to watch not only my wife, but these women who mean so much to each other.  May we all be so blessed as to have friends of this caliber in our lives. 

My mind drifts to my own circle and I’m so blessed to have a few people like this in my life as well.  Think I will go call a couple of them and tell them how much I appreciate them. 

You should too!


The Blessed Man

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  1. For the life of me, I don't know why, after reading your incredible thoughts, I don't often comment. You have an amazing talent for expressing your thoughts and for seeing the little things in life that make living so special. Thank you for sharing. Love you ~ mean it.