Monday, April 27, 2015

Thoughts are Things

However, if you asked my son he would disagree with passion.  In my life I have always been told Thoughts are things.  If you think it you can manifest it.  I have seen this happen in my on son’s life.  He is the perfect pessimists.  Everything he talks about is negative and then he rants at me that everything in his life is bad.  I try to, softly, explain my views but am always cut off at the heels by his beliefs which I always honor.  I even go as far as suggest he look at my life as an example.

Well enough negative.  When we left Memphis I started thinking how great it would be to get my Memphis family all to move t the villages with us.  Well one by one they came to visit.  Some liked it others thought it was a joke.  Well it’s been about four years since I started. 

First to arrive, the couple we never thought would ever come.  They have been consumed by the lifestyle.  They pickleball, and socialize so much we rarely see them.  How fun to see these two people we love so much expand themselves into a true “villagers”!!

The next to arrive were regular diners around the tables in Memphis.   He’s a pilot and she’s an entrepreneur with her own business.  They have always been in the middle of the social scene in Memphis.  Her, connected from birth to the scene, him a down to earth simply great guy, true friend, great husband, caring father.  A man I am proud to call my friend.  They rented for a couple of years then found a house and boom they are here and live very close to us which we enjoy a lot. 

Well today the last members moved in, my adopted sister and her husband.  They left Memphis where they had children, grandchildren, and friends for well over thirty years.  I am not saying they moved here to be with us, but they moved here to enjoy the retirement years of their lives.   Needless to say I am excited beyond words.

I am looking forward to many years of dinners, and a continuing the wonderful life we thought we left behind in Memphis.   I can see the fun now eating at each other’s homes as we did back in Memphis.  However, now we are all living in adult Disneyland!!!  Doing things we love to do with the people we love the most.

So the next time you think thoughts are not things.  Remember the Blessed Man and how his most secret thoughts all came true.  I believe anytime you think with unconditional love it just has to come true.

Think I will start thinking great and powerfully about my son, couldn’t hurt huh?


The Blessed Man

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