Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rumble Britches

Last night something happened that was very special.  I got to spend the night with my adopted niece and her wonderful husband and the newest member of our extended family.  It was the first time I ever got to spend an evening with just them. 

It was a real wake up call for me.  As I sat there watching and taking it all in, her being a mother, him being a doting father it occurred to me that I watched this young lady come home from school in her little uniform carrying a bag of books complaining about home work.  And now seeing her in the mother role it was quite a memory jogger.  I started looking back over the years of all of the times shared with this family.  I realized how much these people mean to me.  How much I have weaved them into the fabric of my life.  This child has been there through the trails with my son, the untimely death of my Mother.  The tragic loss of her brother. The wonderful times we spent with my wife’s mother at our home and her passing.  Her schooling, the relationships she had.  Then her wonderful husband came into our lives and it seems like everything hit hyper speed.  It all happened so fast; Marriage, nursing school, now she is a mother, and a great one.  She had a great example in her own mother who is the finest example of unconditional love for your children there will ever be.

Watching my wife hold this child was very moving.  As she looked into those beautiful eyes and the baby smiling back at her it was such a moment.  Look where we have come from, we have been there living along side of this beautiful little girl from school girl into motherhood.  I am so blessed.  Thank you my dear for coming over last night and allowing us to start the next chapter of our lives together.  Now we start with Carrigan (aka Rumble Britches!) I get to see him from sitting in my lap to wherever this journey takes us all.

Well R.B.  you can bet the Blessed Man is in for the ride. 

Let’s Do This!!!


The Blessed Man

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