Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Epilog

Well as my Mother used to say “Blow me over with a feather!”

As I was out yesterday doing what this Dad really wanted to do, play golf, my phone rings.

Yes sir, it was my young son.  In his best morning voice he says happy father’s day!  I almost fainted.  Never mind it 2:30 in the afternoon but I didn’t care, he called.  Shocked and in disbelief I told him thanks and that I loved him.  He returned the kindness and hung up.  Now I have been a Dad for 23 years.  This is the first unprompted call or recognition I have ever receives in those 23 years.  As I returned to my golf game I was amazed he actually called.  I know his Mom didn’t remind him due to his morning voice, he hadn’t talked to her.  Maybe his roommate called his dad and he figured he would call me?  What do I know what he feels or how he acts.  I was just shocked he called.

What a start maybe he has turned the corner maybe we will have a relationship.  At the very least I have a phone call to hold onto for now.


The Blessed Man

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