Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Anniversary, what a term it can be many things to many people.  For me today it is a very mixed emotion.  You see two years ago today one of the sweetest humans ever to walk this planet when to heaven.  My Mother-in-Law, Bobbie.  There have been many posts about our time together when she lived with us.  Sweet, loving honest, god fearing a better example of the Christian life you would be challenged to find.

With it being 9/11 it also makes it even harder on my lovely wife.  All of the references to the date bring back that early morning call from the hospital to get there fast as Bobbie had taken a turn for the worst.  I can remember the frantic rush of my wife, her son, and his daughters to get there.  Their efforts were rewarded as they were all there when Bobbie made the change from this world to the one with no pain and sadness.  Holding her Mother’s hand my wife actually guided Bobbie to a place she lived her entire life to see.  If you believe like me, what a sight that must have been to see it for the first time the pearly gates, the friends and family to welcome you home.  The tears of joy, the songs of pure celebration for the newest arrival Ms. Bobbie, who had a seat on the front row, right up there with my Granny and my Mother.   I can imagine my mother now hugging Bobbie and telling her how happy she is to see her.  They loved one another so much on the rare occasions they saw each other it was pure joy to see them interact. What a homecoming for a lady with all those brothers and sisters she used to tell me about.  The crowd must have been huge.  But I have said these things before.

Today as I look back on these two years since we have only had her in spirit I realize that she has never left us.  The random penny we find in an airport.  Bobbie loved coins and she leaves them all over for us as a sign she is with us.  The calmness that I sometime experience when I am at my lowest suddenly I will think about her and one of my favorite things she did.  My, My!!  I can hear her like she was sitting at the table.  My, My all of this fuss over such a small thing!! I sure miss my,  My, My’s.

Well as I know the place in my heart that was Bobbie’s to fill is still full to overflowing I know she is still out there actively making sure my wife and I are happy and loving towards each other and to others as she was.  Thank you Bobbie for all you gave me, the lesson learned, the history you witnessed and passed to me, the love and sweetness you tried to pass along.  The laughs that came at just the right moment, and the peace you taught me that sometimes you just have to turn it over to the universe and let the higher power handle it.

My, My  the things I learned!!!!!


The Blessed man

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