Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Last night was my claimed sisters 55th birthday. She loves Mexican food so we got together with others in the family and we threw a Mexican feast in her honor. She had said she wanted to do it at her house but we insisted it be at ours. We had all her chickens, read kids, and their significant others and spouses. We had our close friends and we had her Dad and his girlfriend, and at 81 he is always the life of the party. As the group gathered I realized this was going to be special and it lived up to my expectations.

As we held hands for the pray before dinner, which was given by my 93 year old Mother –in-law, it was so special. Before she prayed, I tried to tell my sister what she meant to me. And being the big goofy softie I could not get it out. But she is so special to me. Behind my wife, she is the most important woman in my life. Then we had what seemed to be a normal dinner. Seemed everyone loved the food and all were satisfied with the meal. We moved, as a group, to the den for the ceremonial singing and opening of the gifts. This was started by her oldest son coming into the room holding one of those stick-lighters and we all sang Happy Birthday. She opened her stuff got some cool things and then it happened.

I asked, her second son, to tell a story about a time his Mom got real mad at him. It snowballed from there. The stories that were shared were one of a family that has matured together and grow closer as the years have passed. They were stories of travels and trips. Of scary things that when bump in the night and the time when she had been dreaming about her oldest doing something and would wake up and ground him for what she dreamed about! We were all laughing and having a blast when her dad took the floor.

He mentioned they he had spent the entire 55 years with her except for maybe a year and a half. He said what a blessing it was to have lived with her for her entire life. He told about the time he had to give her a spanking. He took off his belt and told her “every time I hit this bed you scream like I’m hurting you!” He said he would hit the bed and she would scream like he was killing her. He said when he came out of the room the others were looking at him like he had killed her. Everyone was laughing and having a blast. He told a couple more stories like how he had roller Skates on her feet by the time she was one year old!! And others that brought down the house. Then he stood there and with a very shaky voice, closed with this. “I love you my angel and you have been a great daughter to me. I guess I’ll sit-down.”

If my Mother and Dad were here would they say that about me? Have I been a good son to them? As we reflect back on our lifes I think some time we only remember the good times or the bad times we never remember the normal times. I think the normal times are the ties that bind us. We all have times when we were king of the world. And we have all been on the bottom rung of the ladder of life. But the times in between, I think, are when we make ourselves the good sons and daughters. I think about my son. And really he has been a good son to me. He isn’t in trouble with the law. He has his own place, pays his bills, and is respected in his field. What else makes a good son or daughter? Will he take care of me in my old age; more than likely not? Will he be a success and not a burden on society; more than likely yes? And when you get right down to it I guess that means he is a good son. I more than likely have never told him that other than the day he graduated the Air Force. I think I will try to tell him more.

I wish my Mother and Dad were here. I would like to think they would be proud of me and what I have done in my life. I, like my son, have not been in much trouble. Thanks to my wife I pay my bills and hopefully am respected in my field. So using my criteria I guess I would pass.

May once in your life you hear someone say they are proud of you and what you have done. There is no warmer feeling in your life than when you have pleased the people you love the most.

Well what a blast we had last night. My wife worked her butt off and once again we had a huge party that was fun for all that attended. As we went to bed last night she said you know I think that one was special. I agree that one was special, just like her!! Think I will go in the other room and tell her she is a great wife to me. I think she knows, but I promise she will in 2 minutes.


The Blessed Man

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