Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I had the pleasure of eating with my Villages’ family the other night.  As we finished dinner we sat around and solved the world’s problems and you know there is a lot to do in the regard for sure these days. 

As we sat there my adopted sister told me about someone she had met on the pickleball court whose children had bought their third house in the villages!!!  They bought their first house a rental in their thirties.  Then up graded and upgraded again.  They come on breaks with the grandkids and holiday to visits their parents.   Think about that for a minute.

Later, as I was getting ready for bed I started thinking about life in a dream world.  I reflected back to when I was so happy in Memphis.  Eating every night with family enjoy their children watching them grow and learn.  How cool would it be if that journey continued?  How cool would it be if my adopted sister’s children started buying houses down here?  I started thinking about watching these five young children visiting often.  I could relive one of the most treasured times of my life. 

Watching Jax Ellis grow and learn golf and then surpass us all in the game. 

Watching Baby Jade steal the hearts of all she meets on the squares and learning to Dance with DeDe and Poppy. 

Watching Eden as her personally is transformed by being around all of us old folks, her laughing and learning to enjoy cooking with us and making great meals for us and her cousins. 

Watching Carrigan  learn to drive and work on his and our cars.  Watching him be the dare devil and jump off anything into the pool.  Learning archery and how to drive the remote controlled cars and just having a blast. 

Watching Thomas Keller taking his place in the group as he grows, learning the Art of the Deal to use his skills learned from his Poppy who wrote the book on that!  Also he might be the Pickleball King as DeDe always would need a younger mixed doubles partner.

Can you only imagine?  Dreamworld? Absolutely,  

Well we never know what the future holds for any of us, but this little day dream would be a cool thing in my book.  I love these people and wish all of them nothing but the best.  However, they need to realize that the best really is in Florida Friendliest Home Town! The Villages!!

Think I will start looking for investment property for them to buy!  

Hopefully, closer to me than DeDe!!!!!


The Blessed Man

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