Monday, September 15, 2014

New Addition

I have made no attempts to hide my love for my adopted sister’s children in this blog.  I have also on occasion mentioned that her daughter is more than likely my favorite of the group.  Not that the boys are not wonderful, they are.  But there is something about this daughter.  I think it is the fact she has to be a carbon copy of her Mother at her age.  Pretty, social, caring, smart, genuine everything you would want in a child. 

Well please remember that this angel married a wonderful young man a few years ago.  He is a man who we all try to be.  Trust worthy, faithful, handsome, funny, hardworking everything trait that a man needs to be a good husband.

Well the greatest news I have received in a while is that these two are having a baby! 
What a blessed child this will be.  Can you only imagine the love and sense of family this child will be exposed to?  The child will be born into a family group, which I know to be the strongest I have ever seen.  He already has three cousins who will be there to support, share wonderful family times and grow up together.  A group of Aunts and Uncles who will always be there to guide instruct and lead this child to what is surely going to be a hugely successful life.

So welcome to the newest member of the best family I know.  Enjoy your life new one it is destine to be very special.  Just like your family.


The Blessed Man

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