Tuesday, October 30, 2012


If you are a regular reader of the blessed man then you understand I haven’t posted anything in months.  Well I am living a dream here and have been especially busy for the last 2 months.  You see there are times when the good lord sends you a boat and you ether jump in or let it pass.  Well with the full support of my lovely wife I jumped in.  I left my wonderful job, moved to paradise, took a brand new job all in the last 2 months.  I can hear you from here, you left your Memphis family!!!!  Well kinda.  You see my adopted sister and her wonderful husband happened to be in paradise with us for the last 2 months.

They were here and it really eased the blow of the move and to support during the acclamation to our new home and surrounding.  What fun we have had, playing pickleball, golf, shuffleboard, domino’s, eating, drinking, dancing, riding around in our golf carts, and just living “The Village’s Lifestyle”.  Don’t get me wrong I played in between the work and had a blast doing it. 

Well they have gone.

I can’t imagine the hole that awaits us when we return home.  You never understand how much you depend on your family until they are gone.  Did we spend every waking minute together? No, we didn't in Memphis either.  However, I knew they were right there.  Well now they are not, and I already miss them.  

They have been called home for the births of the new newest members of the family. Baby E who will have my main man Jax Ellis as a big brother who will watch over her for the rest of her life as well as parents like the ones they were raised by to love her forever and keep her safe and warm.  Then one week later little Jade enters the world.  And what an entrance it will be, welcomed by parents that have waited for this for a while, strong and loving, great providers, and caring and loving as all great parents should be.  But what else would you expect coming from two of the most loving families I have ever been associated with.  My Memphis family and the mother’s family who I have incorporated into mine so now we are just one big happy family! So I can allow my sister to go to the births, I totally get that.

Now I am not crawling into a hole here the blessed man is better than that, but I am talking about missing my extended family.  When you have lived around people who show you unconditional love for over 15years and suddenly that’s gone there is a void.  We will continue on meeting people and having fun.  I will simply miss my sister and her husband.  Will they return? Of course.  They have made plans to be here 6 moths next year. 

Is that soon enough? NO. 

Is that selfish? Yes

Do I care? NO

So I guess my advice today is if you have family, friends, whomever that means the world to you.  Tell them.  Hug them tell them you love them. Just like I did when I left them last Sunday night. They know how I feel. Yours should know how you feel. It’s important.

Well guess I’m glad I am out of town for a few days.  Maybe that will make the return a little easier than a cold turkey stop.

Well DeeDee and Poppie you know I love you both.  Please come back soon.  There are people in paradise that love you too.


The Blessed Man

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