Monday, May 7, 2012


Think of all the meaning there is to this simple word. We can stand by as parents and allow our young children to fall or get into a bit of a scrape. And as for me, we then allow them a chance to get out of that situation and I believe they grow a little every time. We can also allow people into our special places; our hearts our minds. I have allowed my precious wife to totally take away my heart. I have slowing started allowing my son back into my life and am rather enjoying his changes of late. We can allow other to control the way we see things. This is what drives me back to this place. I have been in a rather bad place for a long time.

I have allowed others to steal my Joy, and my vision. I have for years loved and enjoyed sharing my feeling with really no one as no one really reads this. But, I allowed a circumstance to steal this joy from me. There is no doubt that no one will ever want to make a book / movie about the musings of a silly old man. However the simple joy that those musing bring to this simple old man is truly something that is special to him. So whatever you do whoever you are please do not allow anyone or anybody to steal your joy. So let’s agree to start allowing ourselves to be in control of our life’s and thoughts. And let’s also agree that even when we are at our lowest there is a special lesson to be learned from this circumstance. I have learned that I am at a huge transition point in my life. I am about to make some major changes.

I have found my nirvana. Yes, a place that brings me to such happiness that it is a feeling like none I have ever experienced before. The place is a simple place called The Villages. A place, where my claimed sister sits and openly weeps as she watches grandparents dance with their grand children. A place, where you can dance like no one is watching and love like you will never get hurt. This special place is a place where an old man dances around a square where his wife, of no telling how many years, is sitting in a wheelchair and looking lovingly into his eyes like she is 21 again and she is loving every minute. A place where when you try to clear the dance floor by asking how long you have been married it takes 65 years to be the winners. A place where everyone seems to understand that nothing really matters but friends and family. A place where every single person I have ever taken there falls in love with it in a matter of one evening on the square. A place where we have already made numerous friends and have enjoyed their company ever trip we return. My joy has returned!!!!

My post might be calmer now not as much stress, nothing but the joy from this day forward. The mostest bestest thing ever is my claimed sister and her husband have been looking for a place down there. Another couple we love is also looking for their dream place as well. Now if I could get my brother down there I might not ever write here again because I would be crazy busy playing golf, pickleball and just doing all of the things that are there. Last night my angel from heaven above and I when for a golf cart ride at 10:00. We just rode and talked and had a blast. What joy I had. I felt like we just met each other for the first time. I loved her more last night than I ever have. and all because of this place, this feeling, this atmosphere. I want that every day of my life. I am not so naive to think that everyone would love this place. However, this place is for me and my angel from heaven above. I am so blessed!!!

As the title to this blog, that was born years ago, I now totally understand. This is where I was headed for a long time. How blessed I am to have found my place. And then add the blessing that my Memphis family, well some of them, are considering making the move as well. Why would I ever let another steal my joy? So my dear friends, The Blessed man is back and so proud the have come out on the other side of this darkness.

Thanks to my baby girl as well for always being there in my darkest hours and always showing love and caring for this very cloudy and stressed guy. You know who I’m talking about!!! Love you


The Blessed Man

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