Monday, May 28, 2012


Well my adopted sister is getting older!!!

She recently turned 58, still as pretty as a picture and even prettier on the inside.  We have seen a lot together in the 10 years or so we have been together.  The marriages of all of her children except one.  The birth of her first Grandbaby which is turning out to be the smartest baby in the world, imagine that, and the announcement of the coming grandbaby two.  And numerous other things I think are special.   

As I was surfing the internet the other day I saw something that really caught my eye.  It was a framed grouping of dates and at the bottom it said what a difference a day makes.  Well this was it.  My wife and I totally agreed this was the only thing we could have gotten her that would stand the test of time.  So we contacted the youngest daughter got all of the dates and I made the date page and the wife framed it.  Which by the way looked like a professional did it very nice!!

As I looked at that piece I realized that the most important date, to me, was missing.  That’s right the date I met her.  I remember it as if it were yesterday.  We were invited to a dinner party at a friend’s house and she was there with sitting next to this guy she called her  “date”!!  We sat across from each other and had a blast.  Then about a week later we were at her “date’s” house for mystery dinner and got to meet her husband, what a guy.  He has turned out to have become one of my closest friends.  If you have read one story on these pages you know what these people mean to me.

Back to the gift; we made the picture.  I had made her oldest son a set of lamps from two large format wine bottles.  We had a wedding shower at our house for them and had everyone who attended sign the bottles.  Then I made the lamps.  Never mind it has been well over a year since they married!!!  Well anyway he shows up to get his lamps and sees the gift.  He stares at it then says this is so cool!!  He says you know she is going to cry!!!  She comes in the door we have the picture where she always goes first and sure enough she didn’t even get all of the way through it and started to cry.  Of course she started taking pictures of it and emailing all of the kids.  The dates we used were the day they married, then the birthday of each child.  She seemed to really like it which is all that matter to the wife and I.  We love these people like no one will ever know.  They are much closer than friends they are in some strange way closer than family.  I think that because family you can’t do anything about, they are there whether you like them, or not.  We have a special relationship because we do not have to be together, we stay together because we love each other.  We have made it through some bad times with my son.  My adopted sister and I do not share the same opinions about him but we still are together.  Simple friends might have not been able to get over a difference like a child but we are closer now because of my trails with him. 
So as I look back on what we all thought was just another dinner party with friends.  It turned into a night that changed the lives of two people forever, those people my wife and I.

So I really do agree
What a difference a day makes
Happy Birthday my dear thank you for sharing your special family and life with us…..


The Blessed Man

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