Tuesday, November 29, 2011


What comes to mind when you hear the term flop? Is it that Chicken that was over cooked? That Indian dish you tried that was simply uneatable? Was it the time you tried to fix that disposal and ended up calling the plumber? It is a given it was a huge mistake.

Well tonight it was pointed out to me I have made the biggest mistake of my life which translates into the biggest flop of my life as well. You see my angel of a wife turns 60 tomorrow. Me, trying to make sure she has a good birthday was trying to keep her in the loop. I had one thing planned. We were going out. Then a friend said they wanted to have a nice dinner for a group at their house. So the plan was changed. Then the friend backed out and another friend stepped in. Now I fine out from my wife that the entire birthday is a flop because I was thinking she had to have input. Well I have learned a valuable lesson. She really wanted a nice surprise party with all of the bells and whistles. Even though she has told me from the very start of the birthday season that she would have no part of it. I have tried since we have been together to always have her best interest and her wants at the fore front of anything I did. I learned a huge lesson tonight I should have taken charge and done what I wanted to do the entire time. She would have been happy and all would have been well.

Do you have any idea the feeling that you feel when the person you love the most on the planet tells you that a special time in their life that you were in charge of is a complete flop? Let me tell you may you never hear those words. It is very hurtful. And the sad thing is if I would have simply not listened to her and done what I wanted to do everything would have been perfect. I wanted to have a party a special celebration with a friend who plays the saxophone like Kenny G. With all of our friends and made it a night to remember. She heard of it and put the brakes on it right away. Me, trying to please allowed it. Never again. It is far too late to salvage this event and sadly you only turn 60 one time. So I missed my chance. However I have learned a life lesson here. Pay no attention to what the other person wants when you are leading with your heart. Listen to your heart not reason. I sit hear writing this with a heart broken knowing it’s too late to make this right and the person that means the most to me in the world has told me I have failed her on a moment that I can never get back. If you learn anything from my experience listen to YOUR heart not theirs.

Well I am really not sure what tomorrow will bring. I know the most wonderful woman in the world turns 60. I know I have let her down. I know I never want to feel this way again.
Sleep will be tough this night. Please take my advice and never let the birthday girl plan her own event heart ache is all that will come of it. If you special someone is having a milestone event my advice; have a blow out like no one has ever had. It is much safer to ask for forgiveness than permission.


The Blessed Man

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