Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This one has taken me a while to get right in my head. Of all the posts I have written this one might be the hardest yet. You see, my loving Mother in Law has left the building. On September 11 she went to heaven, if you believe that, and I very much do. I miss her and my lovely wife misses her terribly. We have gone through and adjustment period and we are coming out the other side now I believe.

If you share my beliefs then you can only imagine the reunion on the other side. As I have written here Bobbie and I had numerous conversation about her past and all of the things she has seen change. Can you only imagine seeing the things she saw? From Horse and buggy, to electric cars, from letters to email, from over the fence and church on Sunday, to cell phones and laptops, from walking to flying half way around the world in a day. What must it have been like? I was at a friend’s house the other night and we were talking about the changes in our lifetimes and I still do not believe we will be close. They came from nothing to something. We are coming from something to something else. But I digress.

The welcoming committee must have been enormous when she walked in the door. All her brother and sisters, friends and family all gather around finally getting to see the one who was missing for so long; the one who really held them all together while on this earth. The joy must have been overwhelming.

I can safely say that she showed me how you are supposed to live. She never had an unkind word. She never complained even as her mind was fading she simply would ask the sweetest questions and when you answered her she would nine times out of ten say “My My”! Man do I miss those My My’s! She always acted as if she knew you and was so glad you came by to visit. A truer person I have never known. May the good lord let me exit as gracefully as she did, not treating my caretakers rudely always showing thanks and love.

At her funeral which was as special as she was, the last pastor to speak was one she had tutored as a young man. He stood and told stories about the systems and practices she put into place many years ago were being used all over the world in missions. I sat there thinking what have I done that has had that kind of impact. The answer Nothing! And the real thing was I am betting no one in that room but the pastor knew Bobbie had done it. She never blew her own horn. She humbly just went about her life trying to make everyone else’s better. What a woman….

Well I could write for days about her and all of the qualities she had that few in my life have displayed. But that would be an unfit end. The best ending is heaven. The two greatest women I know now can watch over me. My Mother and Bobbie…. My My………

The Blessed Man

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