Wednesday, August 24, 2011


If anyone were to be reading this blog they would know I am very vague and completely anonymous about all people events and things that are written here. Well I did something yesterday that makes me think I have truly lost my mind. I actually gave this address to someone!! That’s means that now there is a possibility someone might actually read what is written here! What was I thinking? It was a moment of complete and utter insanity.

OK, here is how it happened. I got an email from this friend and it had a blog she is writing about her experiences running her businesses. I read the posts and laughed out loud. She has always had a brilliant sense of humor and was a part of the “in crowd” in high School. Very pretty, smart, and funny what a combination back in whatever years it was I was in school with her. Well she has not only matured into an even prettier, and funny person she has a wonderful Husband and family and what appears to be plenty of material for her blog. She writes, as I do, under a false name. She came up with in a hilarious way. Her daughter told her she couldn’t write under her real name so she had to use her “stripper name”!! My friend when on to explain how you get you stripper name by using the name of your first dog and the street you grew up on. Well if I were to become a stripper I would make a dime my name would be Migg Buxton!! What picture do you have? Did you throw up in your mouth a little? I know I did. Well hers is really funny but will not be revealed here as a simply Google search would reveal her blog and possibly her location and from there it could snowball I well I would never!!

So I wonder if the posts will change since now there is a possibility someone might read them? More than likely not I can’t imagine anyone having any interest about my thoughts and feelings anyway.

Well my dear if you really come here to see what I write this one is for you. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my feelings and rants as they are all intertwined. Like I told you in the email I can’t spell and punctuation is completely out of my realm. So here it is my first exposure.

You think anyone would read a blog named

Random thoughts of Mig Buxton? I think not !!!!


The Blessed Man
(aka Migg Buxton!!!)

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