Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Yesterday I turned 57. If you would have asked me forty years ago I would have told you I would have never made it this far! I would have also taken much better care of myself had I been privy to that little tidbit of information. But I think the most shocking thing yesterday brought was that I have now lived longer than my father. As I worked yesterday that was something I continually thought about. My father was different than me in a lot of ways. I think he was a wonderful Dad; me not so much. He was the most loving husband the world has ever known; me trying hard and appreciating the lessons he passed down to me on how to treat your partner. Him totally selfless in all regards; me struggling at every turn to display this lesson. He always wanted to be the first one to die; me not at all. I can remember him telling my mother he was going to die first. My mother, of course, saying she was very uncomfortable with those thoughts and wanting them to go together in the rapture! I on the other hand want to live as long as I can take care of myself and not be a burden on my family.

Last night my sister, I am going to stop putting the adopted part on here, cooked dinner for me. I know my real sister, who lives in Alaska would have done the same if able. However, my Memphis sister didn’t have to and did. And not only did she cook she also had my closest friends there. We eat together 3 night a week so it’s not like all of us haven’t been there this week, but she took it to another level last night. And what really made it special was she got the group involved. She made the appetizers and the first two courses and one of our other dear friends made the entrĂ©e and dessert. All of the dishes were made with my special diet in mind and all were so wonderful. You could actually taste the love it took to prepare each thing. It was the dominate taste if you ask me. How blessed can one man be. As the wife and I were driving home we were talking about the how blessed we are to be a part of such a special group of people. It seems the group is always in transition. With the addition of Grandbabies, New Husband, New girlfriends and ever changing views on life yet something still holds us all together. And what is so special about it is that the binds are loose, nothing or no one every holding on to tight, except for me most of the time. I Love my peeps, as they say these days.

I never dreamed, as a young man, when I was 57 years old I would have people like this in my life. I remember back and my parents had no one who or no group of supporters like I have. They had really no one but each other, my father working sometimes three jobs, my mother doing a balancing act with the budgets and bills. It was like they never had time for friends. They were too busy trying to take care of us and making sure we were raised correctly. Maybe that in lies my problem with my son, but that’s another issue all together.

So as I enter the most exciting time of my life and what I truly believe will be the most fun I am so thrilled I have friends and family to take along. So come on group here we go. Gather around and pack your bags it’s going to be one fun ride. And I can’t imagine what life would be like without all of you, and I promise I never will!!


The Blessed Man

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