Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome Jax Ellis Montgomery

You may recall a post about the revealing of the sex of my adopted sisters first Grandchild. Well today we welcome this fine young man into this crazy world. I can only imagine the emotions my friends have been through today. I can almost feel them as I sit here thinking about the new addition to our family.

What lies ahead for young Jax, no one really knows. I know he is going to be better equipped than anyone I have ever been around to handle whatever life sends his way. He has the best Mother and Father I have ever seen, as a young couple. I hold great hope for their ability to raise young Jax in a way that will benefit him throughout his life. His Grand Parents are the ones we all wanted. Loving to a fault and having the ability to provide things the young man will need to shape his character into another member of this outstanding family. A Great Grandfather that simply defines words. A man of unquestionable values and standards, an example young Jax will be able to emulate and put him head and shoulders above his peers. A set of Aunts and Uncles that will be there as the safety net for young Jax as he walks the tight rope of life. How cool is it to know you are walking through life with a net? An advantage we all would like to have.

As I write this I feel a sudden wave of emotion almost like jealousy. Maybe it’s not that, maybe it’s just me wishing I could kind of go back and redo some of the things I have either done or didn’t do as I was making the growing up mistakes or misjudgments. I had great parents, pretty cool Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. So what is this thing I am feeling and why do I hold such great hope for young Jax and think I might have done things better. Well I guess being without parents and grandparents for years and removed from Aunts and Uncles even longer I have lost that family tie. I now look at these people as my family. I have watched the enter actions of this group and have been blessed to be included in a great deal of the enter working of their family unit. I think I know Jax will get a do over card from this group. My family was a little stingy with the do over cards in fact they were nonexistent, but that was how they were raised as well so no blame there.

So we welcome Jax Ellis Montgomery into the family. A word of advice from someone who loves your family like his own, treasure them, and hold them dear. There will be times when you feel like they are all in your business be glad they love you enough to care. Emulate their actions, you will only be loved as much as you love, and you can’t out love your family. Be at peace with you choices, if you have used the light of love that has lit your path from your family they will always be the correct ones. And above all never lose touch with your base. These are the people that will always love you, protect you, and forgive you. They are a special group like none I have ever encountered in almost 60 years.

So Happy Birthday young man, enjoy your life. I can only imagine the impact you will have on this earth and it will be wonderful and to the benefit of all that come to know you.


Your adopted Uncle, The Blessed Man

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