Saturday, October 9, 2010


We all have times in our lives when we go through transition. It is those times that test us to our very core. I feel as if I am standing on the edge of another transitional period in my life. I have always loved the transition portions of my life. I can remember when I transitioned to being a Chef. It was exciting and a learning period like no other time in my life. I became a Father during this period of my life and lost my Dad at the beginning of the transition so it was a very forming part of my life, and it has had a great effect on who I am today.

As I said I feel like I am about to move into another phase of transition but this one I am not so excited about. My Adopted Sister is about to become a grandmother for the first time. Rightly so she is about to transition into that role. A role she has prayed for all of her life. A better grandmother the world has never seen. Transition. My Mother in law is slowing down. It has my wife in a state of transition. She is wondering out loud, for the first time, how much longer her Mom will be here. When her Mother passes she will be like me, a parentless child. Transition. My Son, who occupies more than half of these posts, has finally moved into something I consider a career. Transition .

My job has taken a turn for the worst. Large companies are fine for safety but for the human element they are really not equipped. We just lost another good person this last week because her job was affecting the way she mothered her children. She made a conscious decision to leave before it affected them anymore. My Boss has turned into a guy who is sad or mad all of the time. This is a guy who I have laughed so hard with on the golf course that tears literally ran down my face. He is in Transition as well. I went to church this morning and the new guy preached. Not my style at all. I have been asked to give him a chance I did. The one thing that I loved about my church is the preaching styles of the pastors. All of them preach as if they were sitting with only you in your den. A style that is so comforting to me I have missed maybe 4 Sundays in 6 or 7 years. However, I guess even the church is in Transition. I do not like all of this transition.

Here is what I see happening to me. I am about to go through he loss of my Mother in Law. And I hate to see it. Heaven is getting the sweetest, kindest, purest, and most loving woman I have ever known since my own Mother.

I am about to maybe not lose, but not see my sister as much as I would like. She will be the very center of this new child’s life. Her and her husband will be grandparents we all wished we had. That baby, if nothing else will know what it is like to be loved and cared for by the best.

My son, god forbid, might actually be getting on with his life. He has become a more focused and stable young man. He is moving toward his goals and I think has made a huge transition in his own life.

And then there is my wife and I. We more and more are looking for a little place for us to retire to. Something simple a little acreage with some form of water on it be it pond, river, or creek; room for a few chickens, and a cow or two ; our little piece of heaven to live out the golden years on taking care of each other and enjoying each other’s company.

Then you step back and look. Is it Transition or me being selfish and spoiled? My sister needs to be with her grandchild. My mother in law will go the way of god’s will, not mine. My son will be just fine as well. Do I want that? Have I always been glad he was all up in my face? Could that be true, no way!! Here is where I get really confused.

All I know is that my world as I know it today is about to change and change in a big way. I should be thrilled I have my health, a loving wife, and a group of friends second to none. The transitions in life are always there and happen to us all the time. I guess when we see them going in ways we do not understand we get a little leery of them.

So with that come on Transition let’s see where we end up. For some strange reason the good lord has always taken care of this ole retch and I can take comfort in he will once again take care of me.

May all of the transitions in your life be ones that only bring joy and happiness to all you know and love.


The Blessed Man

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  1. This, like all the others, is great. You have such a talent for expressing your deepest emotions. Thank you for being who you are.
    I love you