Sunday, August 29, 2010


This morning something very special happened in church. There has been a drive to get people to bring a friend to my church today. There had been talk of a special guest who no one would ever believe would be there. Well the cat got out of the bag earlier in the week when we found out the sure enough there was going to be someone special Amy Grant! So they put out the warning for the regular people to maybe go to the least crowed services which would be the 530 on Saturday evening or the 8am, our service of choice, to maybe avoid the crowds. Well the 5:30 service had over 5,500 people. I was scared to death the 8am would be over run. Funny how the whole idea was to get people to come to church and I am worried about not getting my favorite parking place and being able to sit in “My Seat”. I get the honestly I promise.

I can remember going to the small country church with my granny. Every member had “their seat” Everyone would file in and take their seat and church would begin. I never think much about those days, but this morning they came flooding back like a raging river that had been unleashed in the depths of my soul. I never thought much about those Sundays until Amy Grant got up recalled her being in, what sounds like the exact same church, from the exact same denomination. She spoke about her and her sister sitting there singing these songs and how they are the things she remembers most. She even mentioned to our pastor how she doesn’t remember one single sermon, but all of the songs. Then she sang a medley of three songs that instantly took me right back to that little church. I could see Uncle Jim wearing his best pressed checked shirt and cleanest blue jeans. My granny, hair in a bun on top of her head, wears either her blue flowered dress or her plaid one as she said those were her church/funeral dresses. Sitting behind us was Ms Brown singing off key and as loud as any one I have ever heard. Then there was, I forget their names, but the was an older gentleman and his wife. They always spoke to my granny before they sat down. His overhauls were always clean and pressed his wife always worn a hat with fresh flowers on it. I thought that was cool until I grew a little older then I thought it was weird. There might have been 50 people there and then you could bet it was “Dinner on the Ground” Sunday. Anyway, Amy Grant stood there and took me back in time. She sang a medley of 3 songs, one was my Mothers favorite, one my Granny’s favorite, and one my father’s favorite. I was moved beyond understanding. I could suddenly hear my Mother and my granny singing along with Amy Grant, what a wonderful feeling. They were there I have no doubt about it. I when to church this morning with my mother and my granny, so yes Amy Grant is and was a very special guest at church this morning.

Sadly I will never get to thank her for the gift she gave me this morning, the chance to go back to church with the two most influential women in my life, my mother and my granny. The two women I loved the most in my life during my formative years. The two women responsible for whatever good I might represent in my life. Standing there hearing them singing along with this super star is something I think I will always remember, one of the purest things that has happened to me in a long time. Thank You Amy Grant for giving me the gift of precious memories.

So if you ever hear that there is something special going on at your church or one you have been thinking about attending. Please go you never know who might be standing beside you singing their heart out.


The Blessed Man

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