Saturday, July 10, 2010


I had the great pleasure of having dinner the other night with my Memphis Family. Seems like every post starts like that but this was different. As you remember we have been battling Breast Cancer in the family with one of our members. Well she got the OK that it’s gone and she is on the road to a full recovery!! Can you say answer to a lot of prays, Amen? As we went through his ordeal all of us had her at the very for front of our thoughts and prays. This woman has been a pillar of strength and the picture of positive attitude at least on the outside, through this entire episode.

But the rock has been her husband, you remember the guy that taught me the lesson in another post, Lesson? He has been there always standing just behind her in case she needed him to lean on. Ever in the moment and always with her way out in front of his every action. May the good lord never let me walk this road he has been down but if I am given the task, may he let me walk it in the same way my friend walked it. Head high eyes clear always focused on the fact that they were going to beat this and be better for it.

You know as I sat there the other night watching them they are different. There was never a doubt they were close. Always there together, you could feel the love and respect they have for one another. But now there is something that is so much deeper. The fact that together, they have made it to the other side has drawn them closer than the normal couple who have been together north of 30 years. There is a way he looks at her now and you can actually feel the kindness pour out of his eyes. She looks back at him and you can feel the tenderness returning to him. It is something I hope one day people can say about me and my lovely wife. I am guessing when you think you might lose the person that makes your world go round you get right with them very quickly. Then when God gives them back to you there is a love so deep that it can move mountains and cure diseases. May we all have this love in our lives; I just hope you do not have to swim the rough water of pain and heartbreak to get there.

Whatever it is they have it. I am proud to call them both members of my Memphis Family. All families go through tuff times. The best ones emerge stronger and closer. I am proud to be a member of a strong and close family. I wish the same for each of you.


The Blessed Man

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