Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Something very strange happened last night as the family gathered for dinner. I will explain the happenings, but it is going to take two posts. Once you have read the stories I think you will understand quite clearly why it takes two.

As we sat at the dinner table last night all visiting and excited about being together, the Father of my claimed sister got up to show me something. If you are a reader you will remember the Legacy post, about “The Bone”. What he showed me was a check for a rather large amount of money. I looked at the named of the writer but it meant nothing to me. Tony then sat back down and explained the story behind the check.

Seems when Tony was 16 years old he met another young man on the street one day. They began to talk and Tony realized that this young man was in trouble and needed some help. He promptly took this new friend home and he became part of Tony’s family. He lived there for over 3 years! As the years pasted Tony, and the new friend became closer and closer. They got jobs together and as the writer of the check later told Tony. They became Brothers.

Well, as young men do, they grew apart and lost track of one another. Both when on the have very successful lives, Tony also became the head of one of the finest families I have ever known. The friend he helped on to his career. Well about a year ago a stranger walked into Tony’s business. His daughter was behind the counter and this strange man started asking a lot of questions about the owner Tony. Being the protective daughter she wasn’t giving a lot of information to this unknown man. Well long story short she finally told him that yes indeed this was the Tony he was looking for. He then gave her an envelope to give Tony. A couple of weeks go by and Tony happens by and the daughter hands over the envelope. There inside and wad a cash and a note thanking Tony for his kindness and a contact number. Well you do not have to be Carnac of Johnny Carson fame to know where this is going. The two friends have been reunited and are back close again. Well seems like the new friend has no family and no body to leave his money to so on occasion he passes on a random act of kindness to Tony in the form of some money.

Now that you know the story here comes the hard part. In your life have you impacted anyone? As I sat there last night trying to figure out if I had ever gone that extra mile in my life to impact the outcome of another person not related to me. The only story I can think of is one I will share now.

I have been blessed all my life. When I was in high school I was not in one click I was in them all but the drug click. I was an athlete, I was a little bit of a hell raiser, I was even in the chess club!!! So I was able to walk in many groups. There was this one kid in school he was smaller and a brain. There was something about this kid I liked. I would always speak to him never picked on him liked to talk to him on occasion. I can remember one day groups of my football playing buddies were in the middle of messing with this kid between classes. I was able to stop them and let him go on his way. An act I didn’t even remember until 10 years later.

We were all at the ten year class reunion. And if you went to yours you know how they go. 10 year reunions are for “impressing”, 20 year reunions are for “hey look at my kids”, and 30 year reunions are for “damn it’s good to see you and no that outfit doesn’t make you look fat!”. Well we were all standing around outside when this super stretch Limo pulls up. Everyone was straining to see who was in it. Remember 10 year “impress”, and who ever this is, was doing it in spades! Out steps my little guy. With a young lady that was a foot taller and drop dead gorgeous. Well all the girls were trying to figure out who he was. And all of the guys were trying to figure out who his date was! He walks over to me and I said hello and gave him a hug. He spoke to all I was standing with and looked at me and recounted the story I told above. He told me he never forgot that and how much it meant to him I was willing to take a chance of being made fun of for watching out after a geek. I told him it was nothing and he said it was a turning point for him. He rededicated his life to his passion, computer, and he was now and executive with Microsoft!! I said thanks he gave me a hug and headed back for his limo. I asked where he was going the party was inside. He said he had done what he came to do and was going to dinner. No one else in that room had ever treated him kindly and he was there only to see me! I was shocked to say the least.

I have never told that story in an open forum before because I thought it simply wasn’t important. I only tell it now to make a point that something as small as I did might have an impact on a person’s life. Never let a chance to help and educate pass.

Now let’s look at the two stories side by side. One changed a life forever, Tony’s. Mine was simply what a young man struggling with his identity needed to keep him focused on his dream. I vote for Tony. Taking a stranger into your home? What must his Mother have thought? Is this a testament of the family environment he was raised in? I think so. Has he pasted that Legacy down? Absolutely. If you haven’t figured it out yet Tony is a very special Man, Father, and Friend. May all of us have a “Tone the Bone” in our lives. I promise he makes life fun and special. Just knowing this man has made me a better Man, Dad and Friend I hate my Dad never knew him. They would have liked each other I think.

Once Again I was able to see a life lessoned learned and how important they are to you later. So if you are ever presented with an opportunity to help another don’t pass it by you never know when you might be saving a life, like my friend Tony did.


The Blessed Man

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