Thursday, June 10, 2010


As I stated in the previous post there is another story. I have made attempts in this blog to be funny, most have failed miserably. I will relate a funny thing that happened after dinner last night.

We were all sitting around the table when my wife was asked to tell a story on “Tone the Bone”. He was over at our house helping me fix something in our kitchen. And when I say helping me please realize it really is my helping him. And even then I help by staying out of the way and always knowing where the pencil and hammer are. Seems Tony lays them down and they have a tendency to walk off.

Well anyway he walks outside to get something, and like any man on earth has to pee so he just hangs ole Mr. No Shoulders out and starts peeing. I guess when you 81, like in women, things that used to stick up tend to kind of sag. Well he is standing there just peeing away and looking at a caulk gun. Something that truly amazed my wife was his ability to pee using no hands seems Tony didn’t have any trouble if you know what I mean!! What he didn’t know was my wife was working in the garden directly down the fence line!! She tells the story of hearing something and looked up to see Tony messing with a caulk gun thinking he is about to sling some caulk on our fence. When she says she looked down and there in all of its glory is Big Tone! She said she was in shock and awe. Then it struck her she didn’t want him to see her, so she starts trying to slither away behind his truck. She makes it and comes inside to tell me she is “Marked for life after seeing Tony’s peter”. Well needless to say I fall in the floor laughing. Well we shared the laugh with his daughter, my adopted sister! She screams laughing and the story starts to make it through the family around Tony of course.

Well we are sitting at that same table the last post about impact was and they begged my wife to tell the story. Please remember who is at this table, Tony, his current girl friend and my 93 year old Mother-in-Law.
Now an aside. When they were talking about the guy that has been giving Tony the money. My Mother-in-Law says to my wife. Does this guy have a brother? Everyone laughed and thought that was kind of cool.

So my wife starts telling the story. She is a very talented story teller and has the entire table in stitches listening to her talk about Tony and the killer peter. Everyone is laughing and enjoy a good laugh when my Mother-in-Law leans over to my wife and says in a low voice “forget the brother I’ll take him!!” Well the table erupted in laughter! What a treat to see people late in life still in the game.

I think sometimes we don’t allow our elders to play. We think they are just things we have to take care of and tend too. I am so blessed to have older people in my life. Tony has taught me so much about so many things. His girlfriend an angel, a woman lives life like I have never known. She dances like Ginger Rogers, Paints like a world class artist, and is more fun than women half her age. And we must add beautiful to the mix both in spirit and in looks. She is a very special lady and I am so glad I have been able to know her and become close to her. Then we have my Mother-in-Law whom I have written about many times. A more godly woman I have never known. And how nice is it to known she even likes to get into the mix sometimes and let it all hang out for a minute or too.

Well I hope that there are people in your life that have more “life experience” than you. If they are I hope you are honoring them. Please do not simply cast them aside to live in places where they lose all of their life and fun. Sure it might be a burden sometimes. But then there are the times, like this one, where life simply erupts through them.


The Blessed Man

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