Thursday, November 3, 2016

Evelyn Wells Mercedes Sledd

Yes my dear friends we have a new Chicken!!!

That’s right number six in the lineup of chickens now.  Number three in line in her siblings and number five member of her wonderful family.

Lord knows the Blessed Man has no Crystal ball but something tells me this one is going to be one for the ages.  Her battle to be born was one of strong will and commitment.  

What might the future hold for this wonderful little girl?  Let us look to the numbers for a little guidance.

The third child in a wonderful family, so what does the number three tell us about our newest member?

3s are imaginative, expressive communicators and artists. They are tolerant, joyful, 
optimistic, inspiring, talented, jovial, youthful, and dynamic ... the list goes on and on!

So we can expect this wonderful little girl to bring us great things.  I can see Evelyn leading her class in all areas.  Elected class president, if they still do that, in the drama club being a special part of everything she does and bring her on inspired touch to us all.  I can’t wait for that!!

The Fifth member of her extra special family: Her Mother and Father that have seen many posts on this lowly blog. Then there is her extraordinary brother and sister, as well.  What might we expect her to add to this already loving environment?

5s are energetic, adventurous, daring and freedom-loving. They also tend to be versatile, flexible, adaptable, curious, social, sensual, quick-thinking, witty, courageous and worldly.

Well more great things here. Now we have the one that will be jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.  Zip lining over an alligator farm. Then afterwards going into work, in her own company, making plans to expand globally and grabbing the bull by the horns and getting it all done with a smile that will melt any ones heart in the room.

Then she is the sixth Chicken in the coop. Each with a different personally but in a room together you can easily see they all have the social skills of their parents.  One gift I am certain she will receive

6s are responsible, loving, self-sacrificing, protective, sympathetic and compassionate. These loyal, maternal figures are domestic, fair and idealistic healers or teachers.

WOW it just keeps on getting better. Could she possibly become a teacher?  What lessons she will be able to share.  Those taught her by her unbelievable family, each a teacher a giver of love and trust. 
Well Miss Evelyn that is what the numbers say.  Here is what someone who loves you has to say. My friends Rascal Flatts say it better than anything I could ever write and yes my sweet one this is my wish for you

My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to.  May your dreams stay big and your worries stay small. You never need to carry more than you can hold. And while you’re out there getting where you’re getting to I hope you know somebody loves you and wants the same things too for you. Yes, my angel this is my wish.

Well welcome my dear to this crazy thing called life.  We are all here to help you along, and watch you develop into someone who we all will be proud of and love.  Be true to yourself. Love your family. And never forget you got one Blessed Man cheering from the sidelines and that is willing to get in the game anytime you might need a blocker.  Love you my angel

I will never be able to read this one to you.  One day ask you DeDe what that means!!!!!


The Blessed Man

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