Monday, October 17, 2016


We were having a family dinner the other night and my adopted sister said something that really hit me.  We were talking about her daughter and a conversation they had about our extended family and how important it was to her.  Then she told her mom that she thought everyone had the same but after marriage found out that what we have is very special.

As I sat there recalling all of the wonderful times we have had together.  I realized like her daughter, that not everyone has this organization to fall back on when you need support and encouragement.  I have a dear friend from Boston that recalls he was 16 before he ever had a cookie that wasn’t homemade.  He came from a large Italian family where they all lived in the same neighborhood from grandfather and grandmother to uncles and aunts.  He had the system.  What happens when there is no large family group to circle the wagons when you need it?  Well that is when you build something special.  I am very blessed to be a part of a unit of people that do just that, from weddings to funerals to birthday parties to births we have all been there and through it all we seem to emerge a little bit closer every time.  As I sat there last night looking at the table I couldn’t help but remember when these same people held me up when I was at my weakest.  These people were there when I am my happiest like the moment we were sharing right then around a dinner table solving the world’s problems.

Her daughter finding out that not all people are blessed like us was an eye opener not only for her but for me as well.  You can’t ever give up on your people.  Maybe we don’t see each other like we did at one point but nothing will ever wavier my love and dedication to these people, my family. 

As we sat there I realized how much I miss seeing the Chickens!  You see the Chickens are my adopted sister’s kids and father.  We ate together at least 5 nights out of 7 back in Memphis.  And every time they came to my house we always got a chicken count and let me tell you the higher the chicken count the happier I was.  You see if you are a reader of this lowly blog then you know what we are talking about when I say this is a very special bunch of Chickens.  These children have social skills beyond their years, always fitting into the conversations never sitting on a couch playing with their phones, but always engaged in whatever we were talking about. 

As I write this I can only hope you have Chickens in your life.  I know I am so happy to have mine.  And the blessing is they would all be there for me just like their mom and dad would be and us for them.  You see that’s how this thing works.  If you don’t have this I am wishing it for you.  It’s not something that you can just go out and pick up.  This is something that has to grow naturally like a beautiful flower.  It is so unconditional so pure so part of a place in your heart that you really didn’t even know it was there until suddenly you are a part of it.  I am sure that in my friend’s family back in Boston it was just part of the DNA.  However, when you have to build it, it’s really special.  I simply love my extended family and never want to ever be without them or the support.

I am wishing for every single person that ever reads this you have what I am so blessed to be a part of an, extended family!!!

Guess I’ll go and check on the Chickens!!!


The Blessed Man

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